Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The week that wasn't AND new shoes

Let's just forget week 6 ever happened shall we? Okay, glad that's behind us..

Okay, if you must know, I had great big plans for Thursday through Sunday. Big days, my longest training run ever at 13-14 miles! But lo and behold I came down with a stomach bug on Friday. Me. I never get sick. Never, ever. And right in the middle of marathon training, I get a stomach bug that plagues me for three whole days. I was a most unproductive member of society for the entire weekend. My wonderful Friday post that was posted around 11:30 am Friday morning happened just a short hour before the end of the weekend for me. Where I kept my station on the couch for a solid 72 hours. I would have pictures but it wasn't pretty. Needless to say, my mileage was just as ugly because I planned all my runs around my days off!! And then I got sick...

Behind us? Forgotten? Good.

So moving on - I got new shoes today!! And not just any kind of shoes - running shoes! I've been very loyal to my Asics Kayano's - I love them. They have stability and they feel like a cloud on my feet. But, I bought them for that reason only.. I've always bought my shoes at the big time sports stores and I bought the Kayano's for the sheer reason that they felt like clouds on my feet. I had no idea what kind of stride I had, was my foot neutral? Do I have a high arch, or a flat foot? Which could cause me to over pronate, or under pronate - or was my stride just great and I didn't have to worry about any of it and I could go for the many new minimalist shoes out there? The Kayano's have mad stability and help people that over pronate big time. I just knew that I'd never had a problem with them and I loved them. But the downside to them is that they are kind of pricey. I would never drop that kind of $$ on a regular shoe, I wouldn't be able to justify it. But in a running shoe? Sure, I can justify that. So my goal yesterday was to see what else was out there that my foot would be comfortable in that I wouldn't be dropping so many Benjamin's on... So I went to my local running store where I've been stocking up on Gu and Nuun for the past few months because they have this fancy little setup that I'm sure a lot of local running stores have - a treadmill with a webcam behind it that connect to a TV screen that records you running and then they can watch in slow motion your stride and tell you what shoe would work best for you. There is a little more to it than that - I was given a neutral shoe to run in originally so my foot could do what it naturally does - which I over pronate in my left foot quite a bit. Then I was given some shoes to run in that would help me, and I ran again, and they watched and analyzed and gave me their two cents. I thought it was really cool. And of course, in the Kayano's my stride was darn near perfect.. of course. BUT I went "down" a shoe to the Asics 2170. After running in this shoe, my left foot still over pronated a bit, but it was still a "natural" stride. And they didn't cost as much and they have some magenta in them. I was sold!

Big thanks to people at The Running Company in Greenwich for being such a big help to me and making me feel like a real boy runner. They are super professional and know their stuff! In other news, I almost stole some GU y'all!!! I had it in my hand and went to try on shoes and habit just threw them in my purse, and then I looked down and was like holy crap! I almost became a thief!! That was a close call!

Since week 6 never happened, I'd like a do over please... I'm re-evaluating my training - it is after all, my first marathon, I have no major time goals - I'm not qualifying for Boston any time in my lifetime so I'm just aiming to finish with a big smile on my face and not have puke and/or tears covering my face in my finish line photo.. So while I will concentrate on speed for the Seaside half, I'm going to concentrate on running, and running long for the marathon so that I may become acclimated to the distance. And focus on fueling and what works best for me so that I may avoid the puking and the crying.. you know? I read the blogs of all these amazing runners that run really fast and I have to remind myself that I am so not there yet. Am I improving? Yes. Am I mediocre at best? Yes. Do I love running? Yes. So, does it really matter if I'm not in the first, second, or even third corral? No. I just like to run, and want to be able to enjoy it, for the sheer happiness it brings me - most of the time. So all the serious mushy gushy talk to bring me to week 7 plan -


4 miles Progression + Spin
Long Run 14-15 miles
4 miles easy
7 miles
7 Miles

I'm going to try and follow a combination of Hal Higdon's Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2 plans. Because I know how to run, I just need the distance. I will run around my work schedule still, and continue to try and do spinning for XT once or twice a week, and a little bit of strength training thrown in there as well. So here's to a better week 7 AKA a week 6 do-over.

Happy Valentine's Day and please keep sweet baby Avery in your prayers today!

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