Friday, March 30, 2012


Done, done, and done! 18.3 miles y'all!! Yay go me! For once I actually ran a little further than I actually planned! Usually I'm happy to get within a mile of what I'd liked to have run, but yesterday the cards fell in my favor.

Four weeks - that is all I have left to bust my butt to run 26.2 miles. I have big plans to really kick it into high gear the next few weeks and be as prepared as I can be for this marathon. Speaking of marathons.. can we just talk about the conversation between the hubs and I last night about this specific marathon.. and he doesn't read my blog so I can totally call him out on it.. It was something like this

- woo! go me I ran that 18 miles in 3 1/2 hours! But man oh man if I want to run in 4:45 I'm going to have to keep less than an 11 min pace.... yikes

-what do you mean 4:45 and you have to keep less than an 11 min pace?

- for the marathon, if I want to run it in 4 hours and 45 minutes

-what marathon?


- you're running a marathon?

-I'm going to Nashville to run the country music marathon...

- ohh I thought you were just running the half...


Clearly we need to work on our communication skills.... 

Way to bust my excitement bubble! At least my sister was happy for me! And just for the record and to be completely candid with you all... I ran 12.1 miles outside in 2:25 but I had to be home by 4:55pm to have my first Skype meeting with my team leader for my trip to Uganda at 5pm and I worked the night before so there was no way that I was going to be awake and out the door in time to run 18 miles and be home by 5pm so I knew that they'd be split. I was told that this was totally acceptable... please don't ruin this for me. So I had my meeting (!!!!) where I totally met Amber, my team leader, for the first time all nice and sweaty after running 12.1 miles - clearly I love to make a good first impression. She assured me I would fit right in in Uganda when I told her that I tried to shower at least once a day... So after we met - the hubs came home and we went to the gym and I finished my 18 with 6.2 miles on the treadmill in 1:05. So combined yesterday I ran 18.3 in 3:30, which was an 11:30 pace. Did you get all that!? I worked for 3 nights, woke up at 1:30pm, left my house at 2:15p, ran for almost 2 1/2 hours, came home, skyped, then ran again... in a nutshell. Again, please don't ruin it for me, I'm just happy I got the miles that I really needed in! I promise not to split up my long run again!!

I felt okay.. my knees hurt a little and my hips are a little sore and my toes have a couple of blisters but I sat in the hot shower and kneaded out my poor legs and then I put on my standard icy hot and broke a sweat again putting on all my compression clothing and then slept for 13 hours and today I feel pretty good. I had a nice little 3 mile shake out run and then because my arms felt left out - I did 45 min of arms. Hello to feeling comfortable in a tank top this summer! (Long run sentence queen right here - please excuse my grammar.)

In other exciting news.. have you gotten your Mega Million ticket yet!? The hubs is in a pool at work and we've bought some on our own- 540 million! What would you do with that much money? 

And just because he's so cute..

He was waiting for the go signal to eat a pretzel (not pictured) that I put in front of him - he will sit and wait and cry and drool until you say eat it! He waited 5 min for a piece of a hot dog one time.. we do feed him, I promise..

Happy Friday!! (to the M-F 9-5ers anyway...)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Life + Date night

I have to hurry up and write a post like ASAP before the hubs gets home because we're having date night - and there are rules y'all... There are no computers (no social media!), no iPhone, and sorry soldiers - no xbox or Call of Duty! Also no TGI Fridays of PF Changs... Just me and the hubs and giving each other our undivided attention without all the distractions we surround ourselves with on a day to day basis and trying something new, out of the box for us... I think it will be fun, but oh how I shall miss the twitter...

Any ideas on what we should do!? The rules were easy but coming up with something out of box that we don't usually do is a little difficult for us - we are nothing, if not creatures of habit... Gym, pizza, and a movie.. But we do live a short train ride from the city that never sleeps, so for think coming up with something to do should be super easy...

As for this week and life..

I keep meaning to start a weekly recap for the Country Music Marathon because HELLO - it is coming up oh so soon! BUT can we just talk about how I've been doing some 4.5 mile runs at a 10 min pace! Which for me is so super fast, but y'all it is feeling easy! AND I finally broke through my mental wall and I ran 15 miles! It was unbelievably hot, I went through a lot of water and really hard and a little ugly, my head was all keep running, and my body was all please stop, I'm dying... But I recovered nicely from it and I wasn't too sore on Wednesday thanks to my compression socks, my Aspaeris compression shorts that I slept in and the ever magical icy hot! So before work I ran just a short 2 mile recovery run before doing a little weight and circuit training.

Other than that - there hasn't been a lot of running - work has been one ridiculous circus freak show... for reals.. the babies just keep on coming - I haven't had a break in two nights, and one night I scarfed down "dinner" sitting outside the room I was in.. I can't talk too much about work because of HIPPA and all that jazz but can I just tell you that 57 babies and 22 nurses don't exactly work... It'd be like the principal of a school having to have a class and be the principal too because there are just too many small children and not enough teachers...

But on to feel good stuff - I sponsored two new girls from Sierra Leone with Children of the Nations! I'm really excited - I'm going to have to eventually plan a trip there so that I can meet them! Now I am not the best sponsor - procrastination gets the best of me unfortunately.. I have a child through Compassion International in Rwanda that I started sponsoring a couple years ago and she could probably have had a better sponsor besides me.. I am just a terrible letter writer y'all - I can write here - which is also sporadic at best but I really do try! And I will commit myself to being a better sponsor and letter corresponder. If you don't have a sponsor child - you should totally look into it - I like both Compassion and Children of the Nations. I know a little more about COTN at the moment because I've done so much research before I go with them to Uganda - but the best part about sponsoring a child is that with my monthly donation their families don't have to worry about educational, or medical expenses and it's only $32 or $43 a month depending on the child and if they live with their family or in the Children's home. Considering I spend about $32 a week on coffee at my beloved Starbucks and $43 on a random trip to the grocery store.. what a small sacrifice! And again they focus on educating the children because they are the future of their country and poverty and education go hand in hand. I'm excited to help more!! So you should look into sponsoring too!!

Speaking of running... can someone teach my puppy how to run on a leash? I think that my miracle leash trainer has become moot *insert sad face* - he reacts to it in the house off the leash but on the leash it's no good! BUT he knows now as I start to fill up my nathan handheld with water - he just starts crying and going bananas so I take him and then he tries to commit suicide by strangling himself on his leash..  But how can I leave this at home... -

Oh AND it's national puppy day!?!? I will now be taking applications for a dog trainer... AND love on your puppy today! OR if you don't have one, maybe you should look into adopting one... Or you can just borrow mine! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I am a professional...

Snot Rocketeer.. I know you're impressed aren't you? I will be adding this to my resume shortly.. I'm sure that HR people at hospitals look for special skills such as these when they look for nurses.. In case you're wondering what a snot rocket is - it is this. Don't worry, I used to be totally grossed out too... and too embarrassed to ever venture into doing such a thing - but desperate times call for desperate measures - and today I was desperate. I am in the middle of a sinus infection and I was really hoping to run it out - I probably should have read this article first, before I went and attempted 16 miles. It tells me to rest... but does it know that I rest a lot already!? We all know I'm not sick because I work out too much... So I am not going to listen to the general consensus and I am going to listen to me and attempt to sweat it out... and continue my blossoming career as a professional snot rocketeer. My mom and dad should be so proud.. and that hubs.. he sure is one lucky guy...

speaking of... our Sunday night consisted of cough drops,  Cold Stone

When I fail at being a rocketeer, a hand model shall be my next career of choice.. oh yeah - while claiming to "taste great, and look great on me" - and it did taste great BUT instead of fresh fruit it was frozen... which kind of made it hard to eat.. But don't worry I took one for the team and finished it.. 

and to round off Sunday night..

Again, what a lucky guy.. due to some crazy out of control cramping calves - there was some icy hot and compression socks happening.. along with crazy and wild hair that hasn't been brushed in an undisclosed amount of time and zit cream.. that is what marriage is all about folks... 

I really thought that I felt better after sleeping for 11 hours and drinking enough hot tea and lemon to fill a swimming pool that I had big plans to run 16 miles or die. Literally. I even wasted time looking for motivation on Pinterest and then blogging about that motivation before I headed out. I figured if it was out there in the blog world for all 6 of you to see then I had to do it, because how could I let you all down. I mean I was going to have to post it on Daily Mile... every one would see what a big fat huge failure I was then.. But one can only blow their nose into thin air so many times, and stop to walk until the tightness in their chest subsides so often before hanging up the towel and calling it quits to walk home... It was a sad day in the running community. Luckily I didn't pass out because there was no one I knew driving by to drag me past that 13 mile point.. and for some reason I'm thinking that being dragged 3 miles might hurt just a bit more than the tightness in my chest..

To ease my disappointment of being a failure, I did have a package from Amazon upon my return.. It was carrying these goodies -

I've been meaning to order the travel book for a while but all this Kony 2012 has made me want to read as much as I can on the history and culture of Uganda and what to expect when I go. Also to just be knowledgable in general before I make an educated opinion on the whole matter.. I try not to get into politics too much because I really don't understand nor do I stay updated on it - but as far as I'm concerned it is as safe to visit there as it would be to Greece or Italy or France or wherever and in my most uneducated personal opinion this video has more of a political propaganda message than a mission based message. And that is all I'll say about that.

My passport also came this week!! I must be like the least threatening person to society ever.. I was told it could take months before I got it and they might want additional information before they would give me one, but it's been like what - three weeks!? They must've come over here to this little piece of the inter webs and seen what an antisocial, harmless member of society I am. But isn't being antisocial a red flag!? So maybe they didn't come here.. But I got it - the United States trusts me to leave the country!!! It must have been my awesome picture...

In other news...

I got a new present.. our best investment in a while if I say so myself..

supplying the hot tea that I've been drinking that could fill up a swimming pool... This thing is amazing.. no mess and it makes just enough for one cup! I love!!

Do you blow snot rockets if necessary?

What did you think of the Kony 2012 video? Or did you watch?

Coffee or tea?
- I'm on a tea kick right now - can't get enough!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting out the door...

I am procrastinating my run by looking on Pinterest for motivation.. that's productive right? And this is what I found... very motivating if I say so myself..

I think I'm a little late to the pinning party BUT these absolutely crack me up... 

Now to fight my inner psyche and get past 13 miles... I don't know what people mean when they hit their wall at 22 miles.. I hit mine at 13 and its a battle I tell you that I have yet to win.. But today my friends, sinus infection and all - I will embrace my inner basset hound and accept the fact that I'll look like a complete yo yo head but I will get a long run in if it kills me! So if you see me passed out on the side of the road, check my garmin first and then drag me past 13 miles... Please and thank you. And besides I have to run outside today because it is absolutely gorgeous here in the northeast today! Which I feel like we've been saying way more often than we should lately.. 
Wish me luck! ~ and please do share your tips and tricks for getting past those mental battles you have with yourself on those dreaded long runs!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Seaside Half Marathon: Race Recap

As you know from yesterdays post I got myself a brand new PR!!!!! And I am still excited about it!!! 2:18! I can barely contain myself - I'll tell anyone who asks and wants to listen! So grab a cup of coffee, diet coke, water, a bowl of cereal or ice cream or whatever and sit back and relax...

I just have to say I love this race. I don't love everything about it, but you just absolutely cannot beat this location. Have you ever seen The Truman Show? That cute town is where this race is located. In the beautiful Seaside, FL - a quintessential beach town - where I would give my right arm to live - which at the moment I cannot so I might as well run there.

But first, let me start out with the "expo"... It rained. And it rained a lot. Like all day a lot. It was absolutely miserable - and we got absolutely soaked during the packet pick up. Oh yeah, and my mom got  sick in the car in the middle of town circle This is a relatively small race with a cap of about 4000 runners, so the "expo" is your packet pick up, a silent auction, and a few booths. And with the thunderstorms never-ending there was one booth left by the time we got around to picking up our stuff... The packet is nice - a lot of coupons and advertisements for Seaside and I love the shirt - which is a tech shirt - BUT this year I was smart and signed up for a mens small because the women's shirt is fitted and last year I got a medium which was SO small. And apparently this year the women's shirts were even smaller than usual... I was the smart one and they all told me so. A perk to small races! BUT they sell cotton t-shirts with the same design every year - which one can never have enough cotton t-shirts - and they have a great long sleeved shirt BUT this is the second year in a row (that I know of, because thats all I've ever ran) that they have run out of sizes.. by the time I got there all they had left were XL - which is just way too big... So I'd like to put a request in for next year for them to please oh please order more sizes...

After the expo - we carb loaded at Olive Garden... I had some salad and an undisclosed amount of breadsticks and the baked ziti - which I've never had there before but it was delicious. I cleaned my plate - no joke. I also had unbelievable gas pains (TMI?) and heart burn after... but it was SO good. I took my carb loading seriously. And it seems to have worked! I always think about taking a picture of my food but alas I am no food blogger and by the time I think to take a picture my food is almost gone and not worth digging out my phone to take a picture of a half eaten plate of food... After dinner we made a Target run for some last minute essentials and headed back to the hotel we were staying at - Inn on Destin Harbor - and got ready for bed...

That 4am wake up call came much sooner than I was really ready for... I even slept in my running clothes (which has become a new norm for me) to shave off that extra 5 min of changing clothes.. every time that alarm clock goes off I wonder why I have this sickness called running and sign up for races that start at 7am on roads that they close at 6am so I have to be there at 545am to park... oh yeah because I've lost my ever loving mind that's why... I didn't get to eat my usual pre-run meal of a smoothie and bagel toasted with butter since I was in a hotel, I improvised - plain bagel and grape juice with vanilla protein powder and banana... that too, apparently did the trick! Juls, the Sister and I got in the car at 5:15am and headed to Seaside from the complete opposite side of Destin... I did get in an extra 20 min of snooze time in the car which was nice. It was a very windy 50ish degrees when we got to Seaside and I must have changed jackets 10 times trying to decide, jacket or no jacket, long sleeve t-shirt to just drop, jacket or no jacket. I'm a very indecisive person. Finally around 6:30 we headed to the johns to take care of some last minute business... which may I say in full disclosure - that runners are disgusting... it must be the nerves... While waiting in line for the "ladies room" I saw Paige from Simple Thoughts - my first in real life blog person sighting and I thought about yelling out but didn't want to be a complete and total creeper so I just turned to my mom and told her that I "knew" her and maybe I would stalk look for her after the race.. The sun was coming out and I finally decided no jacket - so I did a nice little warm up jog to the car to return my jacket and jogged back to the start line and waited for the race to start... They had "corrals" set up in the form of signs - but they stopped after 9 min pace - so the sister and I just headed to the back and waited... This is when I started to get nervous - I knew my goal but I was like what if I bomb it and end up walking the entire thing!? I hadn't "gone" to the bathroom so I was a little nervous about GI issues...

7:10am and we were off... Sister and I started out together but the plan was for us to just run our own races - she knew I wanted 2:20 and wanted me to get it too... So I just tuned into my music and focused on breathing and kept it nice and easy. I tried not to look at my Garmin too often and not focus on my pace or my time and just run and not go out too fast. The weather was perfect - the sun was shining and I was so glad I didn't wear a jacket! Every time I looked down I was like oh man, slow down, but I felt so good the first 6.5 miles so I just kept going - after the first half, I'm not going to lie I lost a little momentum. I was so hungry and I was really hot. I also had been skipping water because I kind of had to pee, but not bad enough to stop, so I knew I was well hydrated so I just cruised through the water stops. I am so glad that they were handing out Gu's at the halfway point - which aren't particularly my favorite but I was hungry and willing to eat just about anything so I grabbed two and ran on. I waited for a water stop and ate the Strawberry banana Gu - which I think might just be my new favorite AND it stayed down - I never tasted it again and it gave me that extra burst of energy I needed to keep going. When I got to mile 10 and realized that if I just powered through and kept going I could probably beat my goal of 2:20 I tried to pick it up a little bit and push myself just a little bit more... I saw my mom and the Hub's mom right before the finish and I wanted to stop right then and hug them and jump up and down and scream "I PR'ed, I PR'ed!!!!" but I still had to cross the chip timer and neither one of them really know what a PR is so I finished - after almost losing one of my Gu's down my shirt and I wanted to cry I was so happy!!!

Finished! With my medal, PR, and new Vera Bradley tote! The Louis Vuitton of the south!

Did I mention this race is sponsored by Vera Bradley because she loves Seaside!? And she has a house there and she a little B&B there too!

Sister was not far behind me.. She finished in 2:31!!! We both had huge PRs!!! 

Nice new PR sister, Juls with her very first 5k under her belt, and another nice new PR!

Since Rod took the little Wyatt home to the Farm for a sleepover, he just couldn't make it all the way out to Seaside in time, and my brother in law is sick with some nasty funk, and the hubs had to stay home - so my mother-in-law came out bright and early to be our cheerleader and photographer extraordinaire.. we are very grateful or else we'd have to wait for the professional ones! Rod is usually our driver, navigator, junk carrier, course describer, cheerleader, and photographer - so it was nice to have someone there since he was being a Pop Pop instead...

After Sister finished we were waiting for her to exit the Vera tent.. and I saw Paige again and this time I decided I was going to be a complete creeper and wait for her - I kept saying "I know her, and I want to meet her" and the fam was like how do you know her? Well I don't really know her, I read her blog.. which boggles everyone's mind. But I creeped right on in there and I must say she was just as nice in person as I thought she would be and it was so cool to meet another blogger in real life - and she's like legit! Not like this little ol' blog here!! I even asked for a picture because I totally know how to act not like a stalker..

Please excuse the blurriness, I run with the phone in my sports bra where some sweat happened to get on the camera and I had yet to wipe it off... 

Today I took a nice rest day and enjoyed my last day in Florida and had my toes in the sand...

Please don't judge my ogre feet... how am I supposed to leave this place tomorrow? Why do I live in Connecticut again!? 

Congratulations you've made it to the end of this colossal race recap.. are you asleep yet!?

I will run and not grow weary... Isaiah 40:31 <-- I ran and I didn't grow weary OR faint!! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Seaside Half Marathon

Half marathon #4 is complete!! 

Finished in 2:18:xx (unofficially - as per the garmin) 
Which means this big ol' girl kept a 10:30ish pace for 13.1 miles!!! Who'd have thought we'd ever see the day! Small potatoes for some I know, but I am beyond excited with myself! 

Seaside Half 2011 - 2:41:xx (a 23 min course PR!)

Westchester Half 2010 - 2:29:xx (an 11 min PR!!!!)

I will be tooting my own horn for days...

Me, Juls (my mom) and the sister

It was my mom's first 5k!!!

The sister also has a nice shiny new PR but we have to wait for the official results to know her official time... 

Yay for all of us!!

and now I am going to nap!! So not used to 4am wake up calls...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sunny Florida

Is where I am writing to you from!! AKA sunny/cloudy/stormy/rainy/hot/humid Florida... It has been super hot, and I am such a great packer that I literally packed clothes to run in and that is it... Priorities right? Before we run though I have been spending quite a bit of time with this little guy...

No need for an interior decorator - the sister already has someone to rearrange the furniture..

Giving kisses to Gigi's picture while hanging out at Pop Pop's office

Watching Phineas and Ferb fighting sleep because who wants to miss a moment with their Auntie E!?

Thinking about what to eat for breakfast at Cracker Barrel...

I should have called this the Wyatt post...

We are hanging out in Destin today at a super cool hotel that my super cool in-laws booked for us - well it was supposed to be for the hubs and I but the hubs couldn't come so it's a sister and sister's son weekend at the beach! But we have this cool view of the inlet and the Gulf of Mexico way out there past the other hotels -

The weather has not been so great yet, rainy and cloudy and thunder and lightening so we're putting off heading to the 'expo' yet, but we'll get there at some point today and plan on getting wet. I use expo lightly because the race is capped at around 4000 runners because of the road size or some such nonsense, so it's nothing huge, but a packet pick up none the less. At the moment we're watching a Phineas and Ferb marathon on the Disney channel because today is -

Platypus Day. Woo hoo! Entertainment for the Little Man all day!! But back to the weather for the 7am start in the morning is supposed to be around 50 and sunny and around 65 when we finish - which is hot hot hot for this transplanted New Yorker. You'd think I would be used to the humidity and crazy unpredictable weather of Florida but I haven't been here for a while and considering I left 30 degree weather 50 actually feels hot now! I have got to find a new shirt to run in because I've been sweating like crazy since I stepped off the plane wednesday night! Hope you're having a great Platypus/Pre race day!!