Friday, March 30, 2012


Done, done, and done! 18.3 miles y'all!! Yay go me! For once I actually ran a little further than I actually planned! Usually I'm happy to get within a mile of what I'd liked to have run, but yesterday the cards fell in my favor.

Four weeks - that is all I have left to bust my butt to run 26.2 miles. I have big plans to really kick it into high gear the next few weeks and be as prepared as I can be for this marathon. Speaking of marathons.. can we just talk about the conversation between the hubs and I last night about this specific marathon.. and he doesn't read my blog so I can totally call him out on it.. It was something like this

- woo! go me I ran that 18 miles in 3 1/2 hours! But man oh man if I want to run in 4:45 I'm going to have to keep less than an 11 min pace.... yikes

-what do you mean 4:45 and you have to keep less than an 11 min pace?

- for the marathon, if I want to run it in 4 hours and 45 minutes

-what marathon?


- you're running a marathon?

-I'm going to Nashville to run the country music marathon...

- ohh I thought you were just running the half...


Clearly we need to work on our communication skills.... 

Way to bust my excitement bubble! At least my sister was happy for me! And just for the record and to be completely candid with you all... I ran 12.1 miles outside in 2:25 but I had to be home by 4:55pm to have my first Skype meeting with my team leader for my trip to Uganda at 5pm and I worked the night before so there was no way that I was going to be awake and out the door in time to run 18 miles and be home by 5pm so I knew that they'd be split. I was told that this was totally acceptable... please don't ruin this for me. So I had my meeting (!!!!) where I totally met Amber, my team leader, for the first time all nice and sweaty after running 12.1 miles - clearly I love to make a good first impression. She assured me I would fit right in in Uganda when I told her that I tried to shower at least once a day... So after we met - the hubs came home and we went to the gym and I finished my 18 with 6.2 miles on the treadmill in 1:05. So combined yesterday I ran 18.3 in 3:30, which was an 11:30 pace. Did you get all that!? I worked for 3 nights, woke up at 1:30pm, left my house at 2:15p, ran for almost 2 1/2 hours, came home, skyped, then ran again... in a nutshell. Again, please don't ruin it for me, I'm just happy I got the miles that I really needed in! I promise not to split up my long run again!!

I felt okay.. my knees hurt a little and my hips are a little sore and my toes have a couple of blisters but I sat in the hot shower and kneaded out my poor legs and then I put on my standard icy hot and broke a sweat again putting on all my compression clothing and then slept for 13 hours and today I feel pretty good. I had a nice little 3 mile shake out run and then because my arms felt left out - I did 45 min of arms. Hello to feeling comfortable in a tank top this summer! (Long run sentence queen right here - please excuse my grammar.)

In other exciting news.. have you gotten your Mega Million ticket yet!? The hubs is in a pool at work and we've bought some on our own- 540 million! What would you do with that much money? 

And just because he's so cute..

He was waiting for the go signal to eat a pretzel (not pictured) that I put in front of him - he will sit and wait and cry and drool until you say eat it! He waited 5 min for a piece of a hot dog one time.. we do feed him, I promise..

Happy Friday!! (to the M-F 9-5ers anyway...)


  1. Woo hoo to 18.3 miles! Nicely done! Poor hubs not aging attention. :0)

  2. You did a great job! Doesn't it feel nice to accomplish something so big?! :)

    1. thanks!! YES! it feels SO good!! now just have to tackle that 20!!

  3. WOW! Nice run!! That's huge!!!! Keep it up! I've been feeling the need for some compression socks lately!

    1. thanks! and yes to the compression socks! I love mine!!!