Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting out the door...

I am procrastinating my run by looking on Pinterest for motivation.. that's productive right? And this is what I found... very motivating if I say so myself..

I think I'm a little late to the pinning party BUT these absolutely crack me up... 

Now to fight my inner psyche and get past 13 miles... I don't know what people mean when they hit their wall at 22 miles.. I hit mine at 13 and its a battle I tell you that I have yet to win.. But today my friends, sinus infection and all - I will embrace my inner basset hound and accept the fact that I'll look like a complete yo yo head but I will get a long run in if it kills me! So if you see me passed out on the side of the road, check my garmin first and then drag me past 13 miles... Please and thank you. And besides I have to run outside today because it is absolutely gorgeous here in the northeast today! Which I feel like we've been saying way more often than we should lately.. 
Wish me luck! ~ and please do share your tips and tricks for getting past those mental battles you have with yourself on those dreaded long runs!

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