Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I am a professional...

Snot Rocketeer.. I know you're impressed aren't you? I will be adding this to my resume shortly.. I'm sure that HR people at hospitals look for special skills such as these when they look for nurses.. In case you're wondering what a snot rocket is - it is this. Don't worry, I used to be totally grossed out too... and too embarrassed to ever venture into doing such a thing - but desperate times call for desperate measures - and today I was desperate. I am in the middle of a sinus infection and I was really hoping to run it out - I probably should have read this article first, before I went and attempted 16 miles. It tells me to rest... but does it know that I rest a lot already!? We all know I'm not sick because I work out too much... So I am not going to listen to the general consensus and I am going to listen to me and attempt to sweat it out... and continue my blossoming career as a professional snot rocketeer. My mom and dad should be so proud.. and that hubs.. he sure is one lucky guy...

speaking of... our Sunday night consisted of cough drops,  Cold Stone

When I fail at being a rocketeer, a hand model shall be my next career of choice.. oh yeah - while claiming to "taste great, and look great on me" - and it did taste great BUT instead of fresh fruit it was frozen... which kind of made it hard to eat.. But don't worry I took one for the team and finished it.. 

and to round off Sunday night..

Again, what a lucky guy.. due to some crazy out of control cramping calves - there was some icy hot and compression socks happening.. along with crazy and wild hair that hasn't been brushed in an undisclosed amount of time and zit cream.. that is what marriage is all about folks... 

I really thought that I felt better after sleeping for 11 hours and drinking enough hot tea and lemon to fill a swimming pool that I had big plans to run 16 miles or die. Literally. I even wasted time looking for motivation on Pinterest and then blogging about that motivation before I headed out. I figured if it was out there in the blog world for all 6 of you to see then I had to do it, because how could I let you all down. I mean I was going to have to post it on Daily Mile... every one would see what a big fat huge failure I was then.. But one can only blow their nose into thin air so many times, and stop to walk until the tightness in their chest subsides so often before hanging up the towel and calling it quits to walk home... It was a sad day in the running community. Luckily I didn't pass out because there was no one I knew driving by to drag me past that 13 mile point.. and for some reason I'm thinking that being dragged 3 miles might hurt just a bit more than the tightness in my chest..

To ease my disappointment of being a failure, I did have a package from Amazon upon my return.. It was carrying these goodies -

I've been meaning to order the travel book for a while but all this Kony 2012 has made me want to read as much as I can on the history and culture of Uganda and what to expect when I go. Also to just be knowledgable in general before I make an educated opinion on the whole matter.. I try not to get into politics too much because I really don't understand nor do I stay updated on it - but as far as I'm concerned it is as safe to visit there as it would be to Greece or Italy or France or wherever and in my most uneducated personal opinion this video has more of a political propaganda message than a mission based message. And that is all I'll say about that.

My passport also came this week!! I must be like the least threatening person to society ever.. I was told it could take months before I got it and they might want additional information before they would give me one, but it's been like what - three weeks!? They must've come over here to this little piece of the inter webs and seen what an antisocial, harmless member of society I am. But isn't being antisocial a red flag!? So maybe they didn't come here.. But I got it - the United States trusts me to leave the country!!! It must have been my awesome picture...

In other news...

I got a new present.. our best investment in a while if I say so myself..

supplying the hot tea that I've been drinking that could fill up a swimming pool... This thing is amazing.. no mess and it makes just enough for one cup! I love dailysteals.com!!

Do you blow snot rockets if necessary?

What did you think of the Kony 2012 video? Or did you watch?

Coffee or tea?
- I'm on a tea kick right now - can't get enough!


  1. I've never blown a snot rocket!! I don't have those types of mad skills!! I haven't seen the video. I mean I've seen TONS of people post it on Facebook, but I'm always at work or somewhere inconvenient to watch it!


    I have to go find out why you're going to Uganada. It's opened in the next tab...

  2. I blow snot rockets even when they aren't necessary. :)