Friday, March 23, 2012

Life + Date night

I have to hurry up and write a post like ASAP before the hubs gets home because we're having date night - and there are rules y'all... There are no computers (no social media!), no iPhone, and sorry soldiers - no xbox or Call of Duty! Also no TGI Fridays of PF Changs... Just me and the hubs and giving each other our undivided attention without all the distractions we surround ourselves with on a day to day basis and trying something new, out of the box for us... I think it will be fun, but oh how I shall miss the twitter...

Any ideas on what we should do!? The rules were easy but coming up with something out of box that we don't usually do is a little difficult for us - we are nothing, if not creatures of habit... Gym, pizza, and a movie.. But we do live a short train ride from the city that never sleeps, so for think coming up with something to do should be super easy...

As for this week and life..

I keep meaning to start a weekly recap for the Country Music Marathon because HELLO - it is coming up oh so soon! BUT can we just talk about how I've been doing some 4.5 mile runs at a 10 min pace! Which for me is so super fast, but y'all it is feeling easy! AND I finally broke through my mental wall and I ran 15 miles! It was unbelievably hot, I went through a lot of water and really hard and a little ugly, my head was all keep running, and my body was all please stop, I'm dying... But I recovered nicely from it and I wasn't too sore on Wednesday thanks to my compression socks, my Aspaeris compression shorts that I slept in and the ever magical icy hot! So before work I ran just a short 2 mile recovery run before doing a little weight and circuit training.

Other than that - there hasn't been a lot of running - work has been one ridiculous circus freak show... for reals.. the babies just keep on coming - I haven't had a break in two nights, and one night I scarfed down "dinner" sitting outside the room I was in.. I can't talk too much about work because of HIPPA and all that jazz but can I just tell you that 57 babies and 22 nurses don't exactly work... It'd be like the principal of a school having to have a class and be the principal too because there are just too many small children and not enough teachers...

But on to feel good stuff - I sponsored two new girls from Sierra Leone with Children of the Nations! I'm really excited - I'm going to have to eventually plan a trip there so that I can meet them! Now I am not the best sponsor - procrastination gets the best of me unfortunately.. I have a child through Compassion International in Rwanda that I started sponsoring a couple years ago and she could probably have had a better sponsor besides me.. I am just a terrible letter writer y'all - I can write here - which is also sporadic at best but I really do try! And I will commit myself to being a better sponsor and letter corresponder. If you don't have a sponsor child - you should totally look into it - I like both Compassion and Children of the Nations. I know a little more about COTN at the moment because I've done so much research before I go with them to Uganda - but the best part about sponsoring a child is that with my monthly donation their families don't have to worry about educational, or medical expenses and it's only $32 or $43 a month depending on the child and if they live with their family or in the Children's home. Considering I spend about $32 a week on coffee at my beloved Starbucks and $43 on a random trip to the grocery store.. what a small sacrifice! And again they focus on educating the children because they are the future of their country and poverty and education go hand in hand. I'm excited to help more!! So you should look into sponsoring too!!

Speaking of running... can someone teach my puppy how to run on a leash? I think that my miracle leash trainer has become moot *insert sad face* - he reacts to it in the house off the leash but on the leash it's no good! BUT he knows now as I start to fill up my nathan handheld with water - he just starts crying and going bananas so I take him and then he tries to commit suicide by strangling himself on his leash..  But how can I leave this at home... -

Oh AND it's national puppy day!?!? I will now be taking applications for a dog trainer... AND love on your puppy today! OR if you don't have one, maybe you should look into adopting one... Or you can just borrow mine! 


  1. I can't believe how much I love dogs lately!! :) How did I forget to celebrate their day?? And I love date night... although I guess we are not so strict about no iPhones... I do pretty well!! :)

  2. Hmmm...not pulling on a leash. Well, I do a quick jerk on the leash whenever Chase starts to pull too much. He slows down a bit for a while and then I have to do it again. This goes on a few times until he stops pulling. Then, he gets so tuckered out that he just runs right beside me!