Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Seaside Half Marathon: Race Recap

As you know from yesterdays post I got myself a brand new PR!!!!! And I am still excited about it!!! 2:18! I can barely contain myself - I'll tell anyone who asks and wants to listen! So grab a cup of coffee, diet coke, water, a bowl of cereal or ice cream or whatever and sit back and relax...

I just have to say I love this race. I don't love everything about it, but you just absolutely cannot beat this location. Have you ever seen The Truman Show? That cute town is where this race is located. In the beautiful Seaside, FL - a quintessential beach town - where I would give my right arm to live - which at the moment I cannot so I might as well run there.

But first, let me start out with the "expo"... It rained. And it rained a lot. Like all day a lot. It was absolutely miserable - and we got absolutely soaked during the packet pick up. Oh yeah, and my mom got  sick in the car in the middle of town circle This is a relatively small race with a cap of about 4000 runners, so the "expo" is your packet pick up, a silent auction, and a few booths. And with the thunderstorms never-ending there was one booth left by the time we got around to picking up our stuff... The packet is nice - a lot of coupons and advertisements for Seaside and I love the shirt - which is a tech shirt - BUT this year I was smart and signed up for a mens small because the women's shirt is fitted and last year I got a medium which was SO small. And apparently this year the women's shirts were even smaller than usual... I was the smart one and they all told me so. A perk to small races! BUT they sell cotton t-shirts with the same design every year - which one can never have enough cotton t-shirts - and they have a great long sleeved shirt BUT this is the second year in a row (that I know of, because thats all I've ever ran) that they have run out of sizes.. by the time I got there all they had left were XL - which is just way too big... So I'd like to put a request in for next year for them to please oh please order more sizes...

After the expo - we carb loaded at Olive Garden... I had some salad and an undisclosed amount of breadsticks and the baked ziti - which I've never had there before but it was delicious. I cleaned my plate - no joke. I also had unbelievable gas pains (TMI?) and heart burn after... but it was SO good. I took my carb loading seriously. And it seems to have worked! I always think about taking a picture of my food but alas I am no food blogger and by the time I think to take a picture my food is almost gone and not worth digging out my phone to take a picture of a half eaten plate of food... After dinner we made a Target run for some last minute essentials and headed back to the hotel we were staying at - Inn on Destin Harbor - and got ready for bed...

That 4am wake up call came much sooner than I was really ready for... I even slept in my running clothes (which has become a new norm for me) to shave off that extra 5 min of changing clothes.. every time that alarm clock goes off I wonder why I have this sickness called running and sign up for races that start at 7am on roads that they close at 6am so I have to be there at 545am to park... oh yeah because I've lost my ever loving mind that's why... I didn't get to eat my usual pre-run meal of a smoothie and bagel toasted with butter since I was in a hotel, I improvised - plain bagel and grape juice with vanilla protein powder and banana... that too, apparently did the trick! Juls, the Sister and I got in the car at 5:15am and headed to Seaside from the complete opposite side of Destin... I did get in an extra 20 min of snooze time in the car which was nice. It was a very windy 50ish degrees when we got to Seaside and I must have changed jackets 10 times trying to decide, jacket or no jacket, long sleeve t-shirt to just drop, jacket or no jacket. I'm a very indecisive person. Finally around 6:30 we headed to the johns to take care of some last minute business... which may I say in full disclosure - that runners are disgusting... it must be the nerves... While waiting in line for the "ladies room" I saw Paige from Simple Thoughts - my first in real life blog person sighting and I thought about yelling out but didn't want to be a complete and total creeper so I just turned to my mom and told her that I "knew" her and maybe I would stalk look for her after the race.. The sun was coming out and I finally decided no jacket - so I did a nice little warm up jog to the car to return my jacket and jogged back to the start line and waited for the race to start... They had "corrals" set up in the form of signs - but they stopped after 9 min pace - so the sister and I just headed to the back and waited... This is when I started to get nervous - I knew my goal but I was like what if I bomb it and end up walking the entire thing!? I hadn't "gone" to the bathroom so I was a little nervous about GI issues...

7:10am and we were off... Sister and I started out together but the plan was for us to just run our own races - she knew I wanted 2:20 and wanted me to get it too... So I just tuned into my music and focused on breathing and kept it nice and easy. I tried not to look at my Garmin too often and not focus on my pace or my time and just run and not go out too fast. The weather was perfect - the sun was shining and I was so glad I didn't wear a jacket! Every time I looked down I was like oh man, slow down, but I felt so good the first 6.5 miles so I just kept going - after the first half, I'm not going to lie I lost a little momentum. I was so hungry and I was really hot. I also had been skipping water because I kind of had to pee, but not bad enough to stop, so I knew I was well hydrated so I just cruised through the water stops. I am so glad that they were handing out Gu's at the halfway point - which aren't particularly my favorite but I was hungry and willing to eat just about anything so I grabbed two and ran on. I waited for a water stop and ate the Strawberry banana Gu - which I think might just be my new favorite AND it stayed down - I never tasted it again and it gave me that extra burst of energy I needed to keep going. When I got to mile 10 and realized that if I just powered through and kept going I could probably beat my goal of 2:20 I tried to pick it up a little bit and push myself just a little bit more... I saw my mom and the Hub's mom right before the finish and I wanted to stop right then and hug them and jump up and down and scream "I PR'ed, I PR'ed!!!!" but I still had to cross the chip timer and neither one of them really know what a PR is so I finished - after almost losing one of my Gu's down my shirt and I wanted to cry I was so happy!!!

Finished! With my medal, PR, and new Vera Bradley tote! The Louis Vuitton of the south!

Did I mention this race is sponsored by Vera Bradley because she loves Seaside!? And she has a house there and she a little B&B there too!

Sister was not far behind me.. She finished in 2:31!!! We both had huge PRs!!! 

Nice new PR sister, Juls with her very first 5k under her belt, and another nice new PR!

Since Rod took the little Wyatt home to the Farm for a sleepover, he just couldn't make it all the way out to Seaside in time, and my brother in law is sick with some nasty funk, and the hubs had to stay home - so my mother-in-law came out bright and early to be our cheerleader and photographer extraordinaire.. we are very grateful or else we'd have to wait for the professional ones! Rod is usually our driver, navigator, junk carrier, course describer, cheerleader, and photographer - so it was nice to have someone there since he was being a Pop Pop instead...

After Sister finished we were waiting for her to exit the Vera tent.. and I saw Paige again and this time I decided I was going to be a complete creeper and wait for her - I kept saying "I know her, and I want to meet her" and the fam was like how do you know her? Well I don't really know her, I read her blog.. which boggles everyone's mind. But I creeped right on in there and I must say she was just as nice in person as I thought she would be and it was so cool to meet another blogger in real life - and she's like legit! Not like this little ol' blog here!! I even asked for a picture because I totally know how to act not like a stalker..

Please excuse the blurriness, I run with the phone in my sports bra where some sweat happened to get on the camera and I had yet to wipe it off... 

Today I took a nice rest day and enjoyed my last day in Florida and had my toes in the sand...

Please don't judge my ogre feet... how am I supposed to leave this place tomorrow? Why do I live in Connecticut again!? 

Congratulations you've made it to the end of this colossal race recap.. are you asleep yet!?

I will run and not grow weary... Isaiah 40:31 <-- I ran and I didn't grow weary OR faint!! 


  1. you are a doll!!!
    i loved your recap & wish i could have run in your time! way to go!!!
    my daughter, the one who told me my calves "looked weird" told me ( after i sent her our photo) that my face looked really strange. i quickly reminded her of my "just finished a half marathon" status and to cut me some slack! too funny!!
    maybe i'll see you in seaside again one day!! i love it too!!


  2. Totally jealous of you two!! I just ran a 5K and thought THAT was a big deal!!! I get to meet Paige this weekend at The Pearl Event in Nashville...can't wait! Are you coming?

  3. @Paige: Ha! seriously - I would love to see someone who looked "normal" after finishing a half marathon!! But that is so something I would say to my mom still... so it never ends =) I'm sure I'll be paid back in ten-fold when I have my own!! @ Love being a Nonny: Oh my goodness a 5K is TOTALLY a big deal!! When I started running almost 2 years ago I could barely run 1/4 of a mile without thinking I was going to pass out and die at any second!! I wish I was going to The Pearl Event!! If I still lived in Nashville I would totally be there!!

  4. I'm totally going to be the "non stalker" LOL this weekend at the Pearl Event when I get to meet Paige and Edie. I found your blog from Paige's race recap...I look forward to reading more!

  5. Vera Bradley, the Louis Vuitton of the South...love it! And you got a VB bag for swag? Very nice!!!
    Congratulations again on a great race!

  6. Ooo! congrats on that race!!! I'd be pretty excited about that tote too!!