Friday, April 27, 2012

Country Music Marathon Weekend Part 1

Hello from Nashville! My old stomping grounds for a small, short while - the weekend has finally come and we are all here ready to go! Today we went to the expo, got our shirts and bibs -


This makes it very real... but luckily all the rock n' roll series gives you the option of switching from the marathon to the half with no hassle...

and hopefully no judging! I am going to play it by ear and see how it goes =) 

This was the biggest expo I've ever been to - the Nashville Women's half expo was pretty big but this one was huge with a lot of big vendors... And we had the bright idea of getting up and getting ready and being there right when it opened at 10am.. apparently everyone else had the same bright idea.. there were a ton of people and we all kind of felt a little claustrophobic. It is a little bit different from the Seaside half where there were only like 5 local vendors... But still being the newbie that I am and inexperienced in these situations and a little bit over excited about my first marathon so I bought some more stuff =)

Again, the men's small t-shirts are where it's at. I will never again do a women's fitted t-shirt. I know they're stylish or whatever but hello I'm running and hoping I'm not going to die, looking cute is the least of my worries. But really, they just fit better and I know it's going to fit and not be too short or too wide or too low or whatever. In addition to the race shirt which is the lovely red one, I picked up another Brooks EZ T that says RUN with all these these motivational quotes and such to make me feel better while I run or something. I thought it was fun and I like the color green. It's also a mens small. I also got a hat that I think I'll run in it tomorrow, but I'm not sure yet... 

Nuun was there! I've been drinking the tri-berry flavor since I started drinking nuun a while ago BUT friends they have a lemon tea flavor... I love lemon flavored tea... It is my new favorite and I'm thinking that I'll just drink it even when I'm not training just to drink.. SO GOOD y'all my southern heart swoons for it now! Thank you Nuun. I also finally got the sweet water bottle to drink it in!


We got all or stuff and goodies and wasted a good almost two hours walking around... when you have nothing else planned its a good way to waste time.

We walked around downtown a little bit where I hope we'll be running down Broadway and not up it because holy hill batman... that might just push me over the edge...

We saw the Ryman.. love that place!

PS New York City you need these!! It is a map of downtown Nashville with the streets and bit sites to see.. Great idea for the tourists!

AND went to the American Pickers store!!

Love that show. I was expecting a huge showroom with a lot of junk but it was actually pretty small and mainly merchandise for the show. I thought about buying a tshirt because one can never have too many tshirts and they were really soft but I figured that I'd bought enough today... so we walked around and took some pictures. They had a little bluegrass band for entertainment. 

Then we had to hit up Whole Foods for bananas and peanut butter because I have to have a sandwich in the morning... Then because it was just a few stores down you know I had to have some froyo..

Sorry to all the the other frozen yogurt places out there, I may just not have been to very many of you yet but from my experiences and taste testing Sweet Cece's has to be my favorite. I got cake batter froyo with regular sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles and reeses. It hit the spot. 

Now we are relaxing at the hotel room which just happens to be right at the start of the race with a great view of all the port-a-potties and I can even see the Parthenon. We are headed to Loveless later - which you know I can't be in Nashville and not eat some of that yummy goodness!

12 hours until my alarm goes off... yeeks I'm getting nervous!! 

Oh yeah I tried to sign up for tracking because I wanted to send it to the Twitter but it doesn't do that - it only does text messaging tracking. Sad day... I'll see if the hubs will be willing to update the Twitter so that all of you with a free five-ish hours can follow along if you so please! =)

Wish us luck! And any last minute tips and tricks are welcome!

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