Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Date Night Update

Just a week and few days late... I'm still recovering from the fact that we didn't win the Mega Million and we can't quit our jobs and buy a house on the beach and become the beach bums that live deep down inside us.. I apologize, I know you've all been checking back here diligently just waiting for me to update you on our big date night and if we followed the rules or not and what we did.. The truth is it kind of turned in to one big date weekend - where some rules were followed and most of them were not.

In case you missed it - the rules were no computers, no iPhones, and no xbox! Oh yeah and no TGI Fridays or PF Changs, because we always go to those places!

The hubs had to work late Friday night, so it was close to 830 by the time he made it home - so way to late to head into the city.. for us old, poor people anyway - so we headed to the gym - couples who work out together, stay together.. - and hit up some good ol' Taco Bell for dinner. We are the perfect picture of health.

The puppy even loves him some TB nachos and cheese... (I may have just lost some readers due to y'all being totally grossed out by our eating habits..) 

Saturday we were planning on going into the city and making Saturday our big date day but the hubs volunteers once a month with some guys from our church at a homeless shelter in the area serving dinner - they make dinner at the church and then cart it over to the shelter and serve it. It's a pretty rewarding gig on a saturday afternoon. So, we went with our friends to serve and then ate at Panera - which you can't go wrong with a soup and a sandwich. Then we went to see The Hunger Games!!!! Um it was real, real good - I read the book a little over a year ago, so I don't remember it exactly - but I really thought they did a great job with the movie and following it as well as they could. I thoroughly enjoyed it - sans the teeny boppers that had to squeal and whisper and giggle at every opportunity... and I just sounded really old.. I hope I never went through that phase... and if someone had washed their mouth out with soap every time the F* bomb got dropped - we'd be short quite a few soap bars.. yeesh. 

SO our big date day waited until Sunday... where we finally made it into the city.. after we didn't wake up until almost noon... Whoops.. We love to go in and go to the TKTS booth in Times Square. If you ever visit the city, and you aren't settled on what show you want to see or if you've seen a lot of the bigger ones, i.e.: Wicked - my favorite - then I suggest you go to this booth and just see what they have playing. They have a decent list of big shows at discounted prices - the hubs and I got our tickets to Phantom of the Opera, Shrek, Nine to Five, and now Memphis from this booth! 

We really liked it - not my favorite that I've ever seen - but the music was similar to Jersey Boys, which I absolutely loved! It is set in Memphis (surprise, surprise) in the 1950s - about a young white DJ and an up and coming black singer and the trials they go through to make their relationship work when everyone is against it. It was a great storyline and there was some serious stuff and some funny stuff. I'll just tell you that Wicked is still my favorite and Phantom is next. And I would recommend those before anything else. BUT next time I really want to see Rock of Ages - all about music in the 80s. Yes please!

We definitely act like total tourists when we go into the city. We don't go often, but we enjoy Broadway and our favorite pizza place in Times Square - John's Pizzeria

We always get just a cheese and pepperoni pizza - and it is so good, and why mess with a very beautiful thing? I swear that the sauce and cheese in the city is so much better than anywhere else that I've ever had pizza anyway. We also got some garlic rolls, and I can promise you that I am still tasting garlic today - they were so good. Again if you're planning a visit to the city - eat here! My only complaint is that their service is never that great.. it is such a big place that I think they need more waiters... I had to refill my own water with a bottle from my purse (good thing I carry my own everywhere I go!) and it took like 15 extra minutes just to get the check.. but the food is so worth it. We just keep going back! If you have any other suggestions - we'd love hear them for next time!!

I really, really wanted to go to Magnolia Bakery for their banana pudding because it is out of this world amazing.. I will go as far as to say that it is just as good and maybe better than my Granny's was... Sorry, yeah, I said that.. but it is lick the bottom of the bowl clean good, good. I love it. But I also really really wanted a peanut butter perfection from ColdStone... ice cream at night has become an extremely bad habit that we have started here.. but it is good. And even though I'm in the middle of marathon training I really just couldn't justify having both banana pudding and ice cream even though I really did try the internal debate with myself but sadly I lost.. or I won.. depending on how you want to look at it.. I should have called this the post where I eat really really bad all weekend and gross out all my healthy friends... taco bell, pizza, banana pudding, and ice cream all in one post... yikes! But remember I did run 18 miles last week! That cancels everything out right!? 

There was some internet usage - blog reading, twitter updating, Facebook stalking - and some Call of Duty action last weekend but we definitely took the time to enjoy our weekend together!

What is your favorite date night activity to do with your significant other?

What is your favorite dessert!? 
Cupcakes, ice cream, banana pudding.. I try not to discriminate!


  1. This post makes me happy! Love you guys!!! Big fan of the Hunger Games. :)

  2. I love that you call it "going into the city." Awesome!

    I'm an ice cream fan myself, though I'm open to most things sweet.

    I saw the Hunger Games too and found it to be pretty good. But I'm not into the tween romance stuff...eww.

  3. Our favorite date nights always end up being going out to dinner. We love to eat. haha. And then we usually stop at Target. I just love it!!