Monday, April 16, 2012

pet peeves and major doubts

So I did have a great post idea about our road trip and all my pet peeves about other drivers on the road and how no one drives as good as I do... and then I ran 20 miles in Florida in 80 degree weather...

20 miles is a long, long way.. its 2 whole miles further than 18 miles.. I had a lot of time to think - some of the things I thought about were -

- This is real, real dumb - who in their right mind runs a marathon!?

- I hate hills

- It is real, real hot

- I can switch to the half right!? No one will judge me if I switch to the half right!?

- I don't want to have a miserable first marathon...

- It is real, real hot

- I hate hills

- Can I really do this!? 13.1 seems easy now - I can run 13.1 - but I cannot run 26.2 - can I?

- It is real, real hot..

- I really hate hills..

Those were just a few of the thoughts that ran through my head (ha ha get it!?) as I ran for four hours - hear that y'all that run your marathons faster than I run my training long runs... that is a long time to be by yourself with your own thoughts... I really, really was having major doubts about running in two weeks. Have I trained enough? I definitely could have trained a little more, and a little harder. But it's too late now.. Is the heat going to ruin it for me!? I'm already slow and the heat is only going to slow me down more... Is my fueling strategy really the best for me!? I am having all these major newbie questions and doubts. I am really trying positive imagery - thinking about finishing with an acceptable time (for me) and owning the hills of nashville and running the entire time and not puking and not getting a cramp... Thanks to Nuun I think I've finally found the cure to my cramps! But I'm not going to lie I am more nervous about running this marathon than I am about traveling out of the country for the first time! When I finished I did take my very first ice bath - I was so hot I think that my dehydrated skin just sucked in the water -

I thought the water was a little higher - it apparently wasn't very deep at all BUT I am way too much of a chicken to completely submerge myself - kudos to you ballers out there that do.. maybe next time.. But I really think it helped my calves and thighs because apparently my parents live in an extremely hilly area... and I was hurting. Aside from a foot cramp that night my body wasn't too sore - it was my poor mind racing. Luckily my mom and dad thought it was great and made me feel better.

The good news is that after that 20 miles I think I found my new favorite show on TV - Duck Dynasty on A&E. I am not country.. these people are country... and billionaires. But it is hilarious. I'd love to know how much of the show is real and how much is for TV... I'll leave you with a little clip and some reassurance that there's always a bigger red neck than you out there -

Oh yeah and let me leave you with my number one pet peeve about other drivers! When you're in the right lane and someone is coming up faster than you in the left lane - under no circumstances should you feel the need to cut them off to pass another car and then proceed to take 10 min to pass the other car... It's really just inconsiderate... Okay that is all...

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  1. Twenty miles, it IS a long way. But you DID IT!!! And you look so happy about it too! :0)