Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me! Well.. the blog

So.. I totally slept and worked through the blogs second, first birthday =) 

A long while ago in February 2010 I started this blog here for my family to keep up with our oh so exciting lives in New York..

And then I just kind of stopped - because I got so behind on posting it was a little overwhelming to start again - so we took a break from this blogging thing...

And then because I had nothing else to do with my life - and things were starting to get interesting again - a year ago May 26 we started again!

And since then we have.. 

Moved again..

Ran my third half marathon..

Kind of had a rough month - thanks for the prayers!!

My mom came to visit!

I decided to go to Africa on a medical mission trip!! With Children of the Nations!

Ran my fourth half marathon - the Seaside Half for the second year in a row and had my longest training run to date..

The puppy and I road tripped to Florida - probably won't do that again..

and oh yeah I ran a marathon =)

Happy Birthday blog!
 May I continue to write and use you and expand your little horizons and share valuable useful information okay, okay just stuff... 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just some ramblings...

Sometimes I have lots and lots of ideas for a post and then I'll start one and then my self diagnosed ADHD kicks in and I zone out in front of the TV or I fall asleep and end up taking a 3 hour nap... and I forget the original point of my post and it must've been boring if I fell asleep writing it then y'all surely wouldn't stick around to read it... so I delete it and the cycle starts again... Also did I mention, I'm the run on sentence queen? My brain doesn't work in full sentences and I think thats reflective in my writing. Anywho here are the thoughts in my head and some happenings in our life...

- I went to my first Yankee game Monday night! One of my friends from work has season tickets and asked if I wanted to go! I like baseball... so I went! It wasn't the most ideal conditions - the weather was rainy and it was a chilly humid and they lost... but it was really fun! And I'm so glad I went!

- I have been working a lot.. like a lot, a lot. Hence the three hour naps mentioned above... Like 2 on, 1 off, 4 on, 1 off, 3 on, 1 off, 3 on... thats like 12 out of 15 days or some such nonsense.. which leads to lots of unproductiveness. And lots of naps.. and lots of dirty laundry... and no clean socks for the hubs.. wife of the year goes to me for sure. I'll make it up to him... our anniversary is coming up (three years y'all!) and I have the BEST gift in mind for the first time! And maybe I'll actually cook dinner once next week! Small goals people, small goals.

- Soo running... its been minimal y'all. With my work schedule and more important things like sleeping and eating I just haven't even thought about doing more than 3 miles at a time BUT I have super cool news! I was featured on Skinny Runner's blog - where I submitted my crappy reader race pic! She is like the real deal, not like this little ol' blog that just takes up space in the world of the inter webs. Thanks to everyone that came over from her blog and had nice words of encouragement or just plain old mutual commiseration! So glad we all had a terrible time together! And maybe we can all do it again next year and we'll at least all meet up for fro-yo at Cece's or a cupcake at Gigi's (man I miss that place!) and that'll make it a little better... In other fitness news despite the lack of running I did buy the Jillian Michaels killer buns and thighs DVD and between that and the Nike Training Club app my muscles have been hurting in a good way! I love me some Jillian Michaels

And if she can get my derriere to look anything similar to that I'll take it... It says if you're unhappy with your saddle bags, or saggy knees and inner thighs etc etc then this is the DVD for you... all my problem areas - I will sit in my living room on my yoga mat and my 5lb weights and hopefully sweat my booty off... And maybe I'll stop eating bagels for breakfast.. and ordering chinese... or pasta... oh yeah and entire bags of chocolate covered pretzels... Contributing factors maybe? PS Lemon Tea Nuun is my new favorite beverage - more than my secret love affair with Diet Pepsi!

- So I kind of thought I had more to say... but I guess in my sleep induced writing I thought there were more goings on in our life right now... now that I've stopped to think about it there really isn't anything going on.. Besides the sweet unibrow that I've been working on for the past five-ish months that I really need to take care of.. There is actually so much not going on in our life right now that I slept until 6pm today. (Don't judge me - just think of it as your 6am.) I have been watching a ton of House Hunters and spending a lot of time on - not exactly things one should do with their time when they're starting to feel homesick and displaced and add being overtired and a female... not a good combination. I told the hubs that if he said the words I'd have a bag packed in about 5 minutes and we could start driving to the beach. Lo and behold here we are in our second floor walk up apartment watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon... enjoying life with the puppy.. one day y'all, one day I'll live on the beach...

Hope you all have a great weekend - I'm working all weekend again... Hello holiday time =) 

What are your Memorial Day plans?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

being a tourist in the NYC

This weekend I was able to be a tourist in New York City while my people visited. My people = people from home, people that you've known your entire life. Those are what "my people" are and they came to visit the hubs and I! My mom, Kristen and her mom made a trip to visit. My friend Kristen had never been to New York before so I was hoping to be the best tour guide, but I don't really ever even go into the city so I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to show her everything... so we did what every first timer should do - we took a City Sights tour! Usually I just enjoy walking around - going to see a show on Broadway, getting a cupcake from Magnolia, and pizza from John's - and I realize that someone visiting probably wants to do a little more than that... and I saw more in two days on the different tours than I have in almost three years of living here. And it was very informative! I highly recommend taking one of these if you ever come to visit - it really is a great deal - we paid $54 for a 48 hour hop on/hop off bus tour and a 90 min harbor cruise - we could have also taken the ferry out to the statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and I think we also could have gotten free entry into a couple of the museums. Like I said, a steal of a deal. I think my favorite was the harbor cruise because you really couldn't have asked for better views of the city. I'll share some of these with you -

This is actually the first day on the tour bus...

I used the Hudson setting for this one because we were on the Hudson and all...

I think this one is my favorite - it's the best view you'll get of the new World Trade Center (Tower 1 I think) And the glass dome in the middle is the memorial garden. 

Closest we've ever been to Lady Liberty. 

Kristen and me with the city behind us.

The whole gang - Hubs, me, Mrs. Hicks, Juls (mom), and K. Hicks - it was a little windy. And I realize I look a little pregnant - let me clarify I AM NOT - it's called over eating - using the excuse "I ran a marathon 2 weeks ago" - I can now see that it's time to stop using that...

I also thought I had a good picture of where Leo DiCaprio lived... but I can't find it... Sad day.

We then took an uptown tour, which went up Central Park West around the park and through Harlem and then back down 5th Ave - we got to see where all the stars live - all the new money of NYC and then all the old money of NYC. It was pretty cool. We got to see where Denzel lives, and where the Biebs stays when he visits and where Yoko Ono lives... And we covered more of the city in about 90 minutes than the hubs and I ever have on a visit. After a long day of sight seeing and touring we were starving and decided to eat at Carmines. Um, hello pasta, I love you. It was so good. We didn't get too much food since it was just the five of us but the Spaghetti and meatballs and penne a la vodka were out of this world amazing. I also highly suggest you eat here - it might be my new favorite second restaurant behind John's. AND speaking of good food - if you ever need lunch or a small snack - please just walk into any deli and get whatever you like. People in the NYC do not mess around with their food. I'm not sure I've ever eaten anything I didn't like... 

It was a really good weekend- and I'm so glad that they came to visit us - it is so good to see your people, even when it's for such a short time. A nice little taste of home away from home. 

And just for giggles and I know y'all are missing that Harley puppy -

y'all enjoy your weekend - The puppy is sad because I'm working the whole thing!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nurses Week

Just in case you all didn't know, but this week is nurse's week - and just in case you all didn't know, I am a nurse. I work in the neonatal intensive care unit - which, for those of you that don't know is for the sick little babies. I don't talk much about because let's face it, no one wants to hear about sick babies. But I love my job - I love taking care of someone's most precious cargo when they are most in need.

A little bit about the babies that need a NICU stay -

Most babies admitted to the NICU are premature (born before 37 weeks of pregnancy), have low birthweight (less than 5.5 pounds), or have a medical condition that requires special care. In the US, nearly 13 percent of babies are born preterm, and many of these babies also have low birthweights. Twins, triplets, and other multiples often are admitted to the NICU, as they tend to be born earlier and smaller than single birth babies. Babies with medical conditions such as heart problems, infections, or birth defects are also cared for in the NICU. [source]

That's all I'll say about that.. But I did find this from that I thought was pretty funny and kind of appropriate -

You know you're a NICU nurse when...

1. You've eaten hamburger patties bigger than most of
your patients.

2. You define colors by the color of stool you've
seen - ex. baby poop green/yellow.

3. You don't understand why talking about sticking a
needle in a baby's head is making other people at the
dinner table ill.

4. At one time or another you've had breast milk,
poop, or urine on your work clothes.

5. You have affectionately called a patient Cletus
the fetus, wimpy white boy, troll, or FLK (funny
looking kid) in report.

6. You can change your patient's bed linens with one
hand while holding your patient in the other.

7. You can make an IV arm board out of some 4x4 gauze
and tape.

8. You've almost caught your hair on fire on your
patient's radiant warmer bed.

9. You've used a sock or a piece of tape for a

10. You check out the scalp veins, cap refill, and
fontanels on a friend's new baby.

11. You use a cotton ball to obtain urine samples.

12. You use Saran Wrap to keep your food fresh and
your patients warm.

13. You think all crying babies need Benadryl,
Versed, or intubation.

14. You think the pulse oximeter, CPAP, and those
crappy no sticking leads were created by the devil.

15. You have ever shown a doctor a green residual
while they were eating.

16. You have obtained a 10cc residual when the
patient only gets 1cc.

17. You have put an intensive care patient in a

18. You don't get excited if your patient has a heart
rate of 180.

19. You do chest compressions with two fingers.

20. Most of your meds come in TB or 1cc syringes.

21. You prepare your patient's bath water in a Dixie

22. You draw blood from your patient's heel.

23. You use a rubber band for a tourniquet.

24. You've seen two complexes on the EKG screen and
not been excited - you merely pat your patient on the
butt and it's all good.

25. Newborn babies look like preschoolers to you.

26. You tell people what you do and they think you
sit around and rock babies all day.

27. When you tell people what you REALLY do they
start to cry and/or vomit.

28. You have assisted with surgery on your patient in
their bed and on the unit.

29. You have at one time or another, in the heat of
frustration, threatened to throw your patient in the
trash can or out the window.

30. You have considered using duct tape to hold a
pacifier in a screaming baby's mouth.

31. You have met your patient's father, mother's
boyfriend, and mother's husband all in one day.

32. You have made a mental note that how matter how
stupid people are, they still know how to get their
groove on.

If you've ever had a NICU baby or you happen to be a NICU nurse, you understand these...

Happy Nurses Week y'all!! They apparently had a pizza party tonight at work - the one night that I'm off of work... oh well...

In running news - I am back in business. Like short distances business. I've done a few 3 mile runs and have felt pretty good. The idea of doing anything further at the moment is slightly daunting. I do have a few races I'm looking at over the summer, all short distances of course AND I am looking for a fall marathon... flat and fast y'all... any suggestions!? 

Speaking of running- y'all know the Ryan Gosling photos - "Hey Girl" - I never really understood and didn't really think they were that funny but there's a "Hey Runner Girl" version out that I must admit I had a good chuckle over... I think my favorite was this one -

Yes please. Wouldn't that be nice... except I don't usually set an alarm to run, and I don't usually drink coffee before I run either.. but a very nice thought in theory!

I hope you've all had a great week - and now I must go pick up momma Juls from the airport! We have a big weekend planned!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Okay I think I'm ready...

To talk with you all about the disaster that was my first marathon at the Country Music Marathon in Nashville this past weekend... Before I get started I would just like to say that I am glad I can finally say that I ran 26.2 and despite what I say, I am proud of myself and I have to remind myself that not too many people I know in real life have actually ran a marathon... So with that said I will say that hardly any of this race went like I had planned in my head...

Here are the few high points that I will mention:
  • Running with other people

Flight - $$$
Hotel - $$$
Race - $$$
Money spent at expo - $$$
My bank account - very sad
Running with my friends - priceless

We had a great weekend! And it was comforting knowing they'd be at the finish line waiting for me! We got TONS of compliments on our team-sparkle skirts!! I will say I chickened out and didn't end up wearing it for the actual run - I ran upstairs at 6:50 to put on shorts... I just wasn't sure how comfortable I'd be and while running for 5 (what ended up being over 5) hours...
  • I really do love to visit Nashville. It is a beautiful city, again to visit and to run through. I really enjoy running through the Belmont Campus and the Gulch and Five Points... Seeing everything that I never saw when I actually lived there.
  • I couldn't have picked a better first marathon - the expo was really fun and the race start went off without a hitch and the crowd support along the way was out of this world - the sheer amount of people that were having neighborhood parties while we ran... and out and about.. crazy nuts! ( Even though I kind of wanted to hit everyone with a mimosa or bloody mary...)
  • Like I said the Rock n' Roll people know how to do it - the miles were marked well (Except for the small fact that my garmin read the course as 26.5 miles...), the course was marked really well (I never thought I was going to get lost) and they were ready for the heat! There were stations along the way just handing out ice for which I am eternally grateful!
  • The bands! Y'all I have never run without music but at mile 14 I took out my music and I never put it back in! There were some great local bands playing!
  • The runners - I met a friend around mile 14 (Hi Kelli!!) and we just stuck together the rest of the way - and honestly I think I would have taken a DNF and been perfectly fine with it if it wasn't for her!! And the few miles that I was with a pacer were great- she talked to us a lot and encouraged us and handed out sports beans and was a wonderful support person to have!
  • Oh yeah- the very best part was that our hotel was literally the start line... like we walked outside and there was my corral.. worth every penny =)

There was no using the same port-a-john that 20,000 some odd of your closest friends had used too!

And my lowest of the low points...
  • When I hit the wall at mile 11 I knew it wasn't going to end pretty... forget that wall at mile 20..
  • The weather - I knew it was going to be hot, but I didn't think it would be that hard in the heat - as fast as I could drink water, gatorade etc I was just sweating it right back out... 
  • I was no where near my goal time... which I should've known better than to go in to my first marathon with a goal time
  • I honestly didn't think I'd be SO hungry - my body didn't know what food to eat but nothing was enough. I only took two gels because I've never taken more than that on my long runs (and that always seemed to work) and I ate sports beans (um yum!), a piece of an apple, I tried pretzels for the salt but they totally sucked my mouth dry - and gatorade out the wazoo which may have led to the bladder issues that plagued me later... 
  • I really felt like the hills never ended - Nashville is like a never-ending rolling hill... I'd think that I was getting a break and then they would just start again... I think they were my downfall... 
  • I reached a point where I was pretty sure my kidneys hated me - I felt like I was going to pee my pants with every step so I'd stop to use the potty and nothing... so I just kept going <-- running, not peeing in my pants..
Y'all, honestly, I want to give you this killer feel good woo I ran a marathon let me recap it mile by mile with tons and tons of pictures and give you all my splits and we'll all smile and be happy and cyber hug BUT I just didn't have that experience... it was more all thoughts of dying and praying the whole thing was a dream and maybe it didn't really happen... But I have the medal and finisher t-shirt to prove it... And it was nothing to do with the Rock 'n Roll people - they were great - with their crowd support and aid stations and medical tent stations - it was just my own experience.. I probably could have trained harder, done more hills, tried to prepare a little more for the heat.. but I didn't and this marathon kicked my butt and I'm still a little upset about the whole thing and I'm still not to the point where I enjoyed it, and it's all still a little raw for me... BUT with that said I have already started looking for my next marathon... in the fall... on a flat course... because next time will be PR city and I will enjoy every second of it and remember why I love running and subject myself to spending multiple hours at a time doing it!

So... sorry this is all so jumbled and probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense but those are the thoughts that are running through my head (ha ha funny, funny) at the moment... So I'll leave you with this little gem that probably sums up my experience better than I can try to in words...

Marathon - 1
Holly - 0

I must rectify this...