Thursday, May 17, 2012

being a tourist in the NYC

This weekend I was able to be a tourist in New York City while my people visited. My people = people from home, people that you've known your entire life. Those are what "my people" are and they came to visit the hubs and I! My mom, Kristen and her mom made a trip to visit. My friend Kristen had never been to New York before so I was hoping to be the best tour guide, but I don't really ever even go into the city so I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to show her everything... so we did what every first timer should do - we took a City Sights tour! Usually I just enjoy walking around - going to see a show on Broadway, getting a cupcake from Magnolia, and pizza from John's - and I realize that someone visiting probably wants to do a little more than that... and I saw more in two days on the different tours than I have in almost three years of living here. And it was very informative! I highly recommend taking one of these if you ever come to visit - it really is a great deal - we paid $54 for a 48 hour hop on/hop off bus tour and a 90 min harbor cruise - we could have also taken the ferry out to the statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and I think we also could have gotten free entry into a couple of the museums. Like I said, a steal of a deal. I think my favorite was the harbor cruise because you really couldn't have asked for better views of the city. I'll share some of these with you -

This is actually the first day on the tour bus...

I used the Hudson setting for this one because we were on the Hudson and all...

I think this one is my favorite - it's the best view you'll get of the new World Trade Center (Tower 1 I think) And the glass dome in the middle is the memorial garden. 

Closest we've ever been to Lady Liberty. 

Kristen and me with the city behind us.

The whole gang - Hubs, me, Mrs. Hicks, Juls (mom), and K. Hicks - it was a little windy. And I realize I look a little pregnant - let me clarify I AM NOT - it's called over eating - using the excuse "I ran a marathon 2 weeks ago" - I can now see that it's time to stop using that...

I also thought I had a good picture of where Leo DiCaprio lived... but I can't find it... Sad day.

We then took an uptown tour, which went up Central Park West around the park and through Harlem and then back down 5th Ave - we got to see where all the stars live - all the new money of NYC and then all the old money of NYC. It was pretty cool. We got to see where Denzel lives, and where the Biebs stays when he visits and where Yoko Ono lives... And we covered more of the city in about 90 minutes than the hubs and I ever have on a visit. After a long day of sight seeing and touring we were starving and decided to eat at Carmines. Um, hello pasta, I love you. It was so good. We didn't get too much food since it was just the five of us but the Spaghetti and meatballs and penne a la vodka were out of this world amazing. I also highly suggest you eat here - it might be my new favorite second restaurant behind John's. AND speaking of good food - if you ever need lunch or a small snack - please just walk into any deli and get whatever you like. People in the NYC do not mess around with their food. I'm not sure I've ever eaten anything I didn't like... 

It was a really good weekend- and I'm so glad that they came to visit us - it is so good to see your people, even when it's for such a short time. A nice little taste of home away from home. 

And just for giggles and I know y'all are missing that Harley puppy -

y'all enjoy your weekend - The puppy is sad because I'm working the whole thing!

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  1. i'm so behind....CONGRATULATIONS on the nashville marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that's amazing holly!!!!
    so excited for you :)