Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just some ramblings...

Sometimes I have lots and lots of ideas for a post and then I'll start one and then my self diagnosed ADHD kicks in and I zone out in front of the TV or I fall asleep and end up taking a 3 hour nap... and I forget the original point of my post and it must've been boring if I fell asleep writing it then y'all surely wouldn't stick around to read it... so I delete it and the cycle starts again... Also did I mention, I'm the run on sentence queen? My brain doesn't work in full sentences and I think thats reflective in my writing. Anywho here are the thoughts in my head and some happenings in our life...

- I went to my first Yankee game Monday night! One of my friends from work has season tickets and asked if I wanted to go! I like baseball... so I went! It wasn't the most ideal conditions - the weather was rainy and it was a chilly humid and they lost... but it was really fun! And I'm so glad I went!

- I have been working a lot.. like a lot, a lot. Hence the three hour naps mentioned above... Like 2 on, 1 off, 4 on, 1 off, 3 on, 1 off, 3 on... thats like 12 out of 15 days or some such nonsense.. which leads to lots of unproductiveness. And lots of naps.. and lots of dirty laundry... and no clean socks for the hubs.. wife of the year goes to me for sure. I'll make it up to him... our anniversary is coming up (three years y'all!) and I have the BEST gift in mind for the first time! And maybe I'll actually cook dinner once next week! Small goals people, small goals.

- Soo running... its been minimal y'all. With my work schedule and more important things like sleeping and eating I just haven't even thought about doing more than 3 miles at a time BUT I have super cool news! I was featured on Skinny Runner's blog - where I submitted my crappy reader race pic! She is like the real deal, not like this little ol' blog that just takes up space in the world of the inter webs. Thanks to everyone that came over from her blog and had nice words of encouragement or just plain old mutual commiseration! So glad we all had a terrible time together! And maybe we can all do it again next year and we'll at least all meet up for fro-yo at Cece's or a cupcake at Gigi's (man I miss that place!) and that'll make it a little better... In other fitness news despite the lack of running I did buy the Jillian Michaels killer buns and thighs DVD and between that and the Nike Training Club app my muscles have been hurting in a good way! I love me some Jillian Michaels

And if she can get my derriere to look anything similar to that I'll take it... It says if you're unhappy with your saddle bags, or saggy knees and inner thighs etc etc then this is the DVD for you... all my problem areas - I will sit in my living room on my yoga mat and my 5lb weights and hopefully sweat my booty off... And maybe I'll stop eating bagels for breakfast.. and ordering chinese... or pasta... oh yeah and entire bags of chocolate covered pretzels... Contributing factors maybe? PS Lemon Tea Nuun is my new favorite beverage - more than my secret love affair with Diet Pepsi!

- So I kind of thought I had more to say... but I guess in my sleep induced writing I thought there were more goings on in our life right now... now that I've stopped to think about it there really isn't anything going on.. Besides the sweet unibrow that I've been working on for the past five-ish months that I really need to take care of.. There is actually so much not going on in our life right now that I slept until 6pm today. (Don't judge me - just think of it as your 6am.) I have been watching a ton of House Hunters and spending a lot of time on - not exactly things one should do with their time when they're starting to feel homesick and displaced and add being overtired and a female... not a good combination. I told the hubs that if he said the words I'd have a bag packed in about 5 minutes and we could start driving to the beach. Lo and behold here we are in our second floor walk up apartment watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon... enjoying life with the puppy.. one day y'all, one day I'll live on the beach...

Hope you all have a great weekend - I'm working all weekend again... Hello holiday time =) 

What are your Memorial Day plans?


  1. Still jealous about the yankees game. Who r the mets playing that weekend? Erin said she will ride the train into the city one day while I am up there. Wyatt says hi eee and luuuke! He is so smart, he knows how to say red and yellow in spanish, rojo and amarillo. See u soon!

  2. Omg. Nick and I spend TOO much time on zillow! We make ourselves sick looking for houses. I have to tell him to "shut it down" because we get SO frustrated looking! But it's addicting!