Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY and a new workout

Ummm if you've been around here for a while or have actually had the pleasure of visiting my place of residence you know that the hubs and I are so not crafty people. Not only are we not crafty, we are so not DIY people. I would love to be that girl that could dress up a room and have before and after pictures and share all my crazy good craftiness with you... but I'm not. I'm lucky the bedding in the bedroom finally matches and I'm even kind of thinking of replacing the towel hanging over our window with an actual curtain.. kind of.

Long story short - I left a candle burning in our bathroom.. with the door shut.. and when I came home this is what the bathroom looked like...

And after three magic erasers the wall looked like this...

I think the lighting makes it look a little worse than it really is and the erasers did work BUT I'd need like 30 of them to get through the soot/ash or whatever residue is left behind... and again there are other things that I'd rather do with my time so a quick trip to Home Depot for some great white paint, and paint brushes and tape... which is leading to a little DIY project...

I'm ready to tackle my first grown up DIY (boring as it may be) without my dad to guide the way.

In other news I recently discovered Jess' blog over at blonde ponytail and I am really loving it y'all! She is a certified strength and conditioning coach and she posts all these really cool workout combinations and even youtube videos to show you how to do each move. Since my running as been slightly nil lately because we're still in argument - I've been looking at other ways to workout and get my heart rate up. And today I did the feisty fifty workout she has posted. 

I did the 50 air squats with no problems - just ouch my thighs! I had to cut back to 25 burpee push-ups because I need girl push-ups and my legs were on fire. I skipped the tuck jumps for no other reason than I really hate jumping exercises. And I sound like a herd of elephants when I land... I am so not light on my feet no matter how hard I try. And I only did 25 hand release push-ups instead of the 50 because I'm still on the girl push-ups and my arms are still already sore. I'll have to work my way up to 50 real push-ups. My gymnastics coaches would kill me if they could see what a hard time I have with push-ups these days because there was a time when I would probably do close to 300 push-ups a practice - 150 because I had probably gotten in trouble for talking - but still close to 300 none the less... 

If you're into that whole fitness thing the Blonde Ponytail has some great at home workouts as well as gym workouts for you to choose from and some really easy recipes to try too! Or if you have any advice for a first time painter I'd gladly take them. Clearly this DIY is a pretty big deal and I know you're all going to be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see the finished product of a white wall!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Anniversary Dinner and how I shop

So last wednesday was our third anniversary... On the actual day we stayed in, ordered pizza, and skyped with my parents. We are beyond cool and exciting.. I know... The hubs actually had a dinner planned and there were reservations involved and he decided he wanted it to be a surprise so I had no idea I just knew Friday at 8 we were going out. I was a little nervous because as most of you know we are all TGI Fridays and pizza all the time - so to try something new I had no clue what he was thinking. Since I live in scrubs and work out clothes I was starting to get nervous about what to wear because my only clue was that he was wearing slacks and a button up polo... I'm sorry but what you're wearing doesn't help me get dressed... so he finally told me that morning. Ensue the panicking. We were going to eat at Harvest on Hudson. I perused the website and started freaking because I obviously couldn't show up in my nike tempos and a tshirt!! So when I woke up I went shopping, like any normal girl... I hate shopping. Shocking I know. But I don't go anywhere, and I don't dress nice for work so 98% of the time I'm shopping for something that I'm not 100% comfortable going to - and my mom lives 1000 miles away and she's my voice of reason. Soo... I texted her pictures of everything I tried on... and waited in the dressing room for her "yay" or "nay"... Like any normal person... Right!?

I am so not a maxi dress person... And I really want to be... The sports bra tan doesn't exactly help matters. But there's not much that I can do about that. After about an hour and a half I was ready to call it a day, wear something I had and risk being underdressed. But things got better... Can I just say that I have never stepped foot into a Lily Pulitzer store in my life... but I just happened to notice that they were having a 40-60% off sale and I might as well look... I headed straight to the sale rack and found two options. Um I really wanted to like the one shoulder dress.. but ew on me.. The sales girl was so nice - they all were - and you know I'm a sucker for nice sales people. I find that most of the time when you show up with three day old hair and stinky work out clothes they don't jump at the chance to sell you something... I can't imagine why.. Anywho, the girl that was helping me had been to the restaurant and approved outfit #3 and my mom texted me a "yay" finally so I purchased and went to go find shoes because someone (not naming any names) thought it would be a great idea to chew on the two pairs wedges that I owned... After two hair pulling out hours I left the mall... I really do hate that place...

And then I got my nails did... 

The restaurant was so pretty. It was right on the Hudson river, with a nice outside patio. They are mainly Italian and their specials featured dishes from a specific region of Italy depending on the night. And the food was absolutely delicious. The boy did a great job planning it all out. And surprising me.

We had a mozzarella and basil pizza for an appetizer and I ate the red snapper that had a side of vegetable torta that was absolutely amazing and the hubs ate a chicken dish... we couldn't pronounce half the stuff on the menu but it was amazing food. And just in case you were wondering - we were dressed appropriately =) But I think we'll stick to places that accept t-shirts... 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Three things on a Thursday..

Original right!? I thought so...

1. I have actually been doing my Jillian Michaels killer buns and thighs video pretty consistently lately.

At least 2-3x a week. I am on level 2 at this point - I don't actually see a change in my buns or my thighs BUT I'm told it actually takes longer than 3 weeks... who knew!? I know that home workout DVDs don't always work as well as actually going to the gym but I have my 5lb weights and I can buy 8lb weights if need be and ankle weights to amp up the workout and calorie burning BUT my point is that homegirl almost made me puke today! I had to stop and put my head between my legs and take deep breaths and repeat please don't puke, please don't puke... So I think the key to home workout dvd's is that you get out of it what you put in it... as with most things...

2. I work with some pretty cool people! We are taking some basic wound care supplies and smile packs over to Africa with us so I thought instead of asking my co-workers for donations I would bring in the list and have them donate some of these supplies... we are a bunch of nurses after all - within a week thanks to a couponer I already have a TON of stuff!! God is good y'all!!

And it's only the beginning of my collecting!!

3. I have to work... boo =( This week I am on one, off one, on one, off one.... but after saturday night I have four entire days off in which I will boycott any overtime and I plan on whipping out the bleach and cleaning our apartment and possibly folding the weeks and weeks worth of laundry (clean) that is piled up in a corner of our bedroom.. My poor Granny is probably rolling in her grave at the state of our apartment... I'm really trying to fix this problem but sleep kind of sort of just gets in the way... Anyone know of a maid that would clean 2 bedrooms? I'm only kind of kidding... 

Happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend!

Are you a gym person or do you prefer home workout dvd's?
I like both - but I'm finding a lot of cool things on dvd and youtube is a great source!!

Do you have to work weekends!?
We have to work 2 weekends (fri, sat, sun) a month... It kind of stinks...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3 years and national running day

Three years ago today I was looking at my dad telling him that I was 99% sure I was going to puke my brains out before I headed down the aisle to marry the hubs... My dad's response - I did not have time... In case you were wondering - I didn't throw up and we got married sans an emesis episode. 

Three whole years - I definitely feel like it is flying by. I think I said the same thing last year when we had only been married for two years! Add another year - we're now living in our fourth apartment and three different cities. That's a move and city a year... And can I say that when we got married when I saw us three years down the road I did not see us here. But we're letting God write our storybook and sometimes when we try to co-author that book it doesn't always exactly work out just right. We're learning that. It's a daily struggle. Luckily we're learning and growing together. I must say that I am ready for a year with no moves and no new cities and no new animals. Okay well if the hubs wants to get me a puppy I wouldn't say no... he does take super good care of me and I am such a super lucky girl I mean he's going to get me this - 

So I can train for my next marathon when I'm too tired to leave the house...

and this -

So I can take pictures of giraffes and elephants when I'm in Africa!!!

**He's not 100% aware of these things... but he will be... **

I love that boy a whole lot and it is so cliche and again I said it last year, but with the past three years and everything that we've been able to do and see - I absolutely cannot wait for the next three years to unfold and see where we end up! Well when I say the next three years.. Maybe we'll take it one month okay one day at a time... 

In other news today is National Running Day!! Yay! Happy Running!

I hope that you all were able to celebrate in some way! I plan on celebrating a day late - today was a rest day for me (as a lot have been lately) I have strained a muscle in my back side (playing with the dog!!!!) And my Garmin has decided to kick the bucket.... RIP 305... BUT in celebration of today I have decided on my next marathon!!! I have LOTS of time to prepare as it is not until December BUT I have decided to run the Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon!!! The hubs has always wanted to go and I want to run somewhere flat... it was cold last year as per SkinnyRunner and every other running blogger that was there! Those are my qualifications - flat and cold.. My only problem with this particular marathon is that they close the marathon at four and a half hours!?! Um if anyone was witness to the Nashville Marathon - you know I didn't finish anywhere near with a 4 in front... but I have like 5 months to prepare and run my little booty off. I did look at a lot of other marathons BUT it seems that all the ones that I really want to do are in the three weekends that I'll be in Africa and the two weekends that I need on either side to work to cover my weekends. That's five weekends in September and October that have a TON of good races that I'll be gone. Next year... Because I wouldn't trade this upcoming experience for anything - and it leaves me with Vegas.. I can't complain about that!

So yay yay yay!!

How did you celebrate our anniversary? Did you run?

Do you like treadmill running? Have a treadmill in your home?

Do you have a DSLR? Nikon or Canon?