Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3 years and national running day

Three years ago today I was looking at my dad telling him that I was 99% sure I was going to puke my brains out before I headed down the aisle to marry the hubs... My dad's response - I did not have time... In case you were wondering - I didn't throw up and we got married sans an emesis episode. 

Three whole years - I definitely feel like it is flying by. I think I said the same thing last year when we had only been married for two years! Add another year - we're now living in our fourth apartment and three different cities. That's a move and city a year... And can I say that when we got married when I saw us three years down the road I did not see us here. But we're letting God write our storybook and sometimes when we try to co-author that book it doesn't always exactly work out just right. We're learning that. It's a daily struggle. Luckily we're learning and growing together. I must say that I am ready for a year with no moves and no new cities and no new animals. Okay well if the hubs wants to get me a puppy I wouldn't say no... he does take super good care of me and I am such a super lucky girl I mean he's going to get me this - 

So I can train for my next marathon when I'm too tired to leave the house...

and this -

So I can take pictures of giraffes and elephants when I'm in Africa!!!

**He's not 100% aware of these things... but he will be... **

I love that boy a whole lot and it is so cliche and again I said it last year, but with the past three years and everything that we've been able to do and see - I absolutely cannot wait for the next three years to unfold and see where we end up! Well when I say the next three years.. Maybe we'll take it one month okay one day at a time... 

In other news today is National Running Day!! Yay! Happy Running!

I hope that you all were able to celebrate in some way! I plan on celebrating a day late - today was a rest day for me (as a lot have been lately) I have strained a muscle in my back side (playing with the dog!!!!) And my Garmin has decided to kick the bucket.... RIP 305... BUT in celebration of today I have decided on my next marathon!!! I have LOTS of time to prepare as it is not until December BUT I have decided to run the Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon!!! The hubs has always wanted to go and I want to run somewhere flat... it was cold last year as per SkinnyRunner and every other running blogger that was there! Those are my qualifications - flat and cold.. My only problem with this particular marathon is that they close the marathon at four and a half hours!?! Um if anyone was witness to the Nashville Marathon - you know I didn't finish anywhere near with a 4 in front... but I have like 5 months to prepare and run my little booty off. I did look at a lot of other marathons BUT it seems that all the ones that I really want to do are in the three weekends that I'll be in Africa and the two weekends that I need on either side to work to cover my weekends. That's five weekends in September and October that have a TON of good races that I'll be gone. Next year... Because I wouldn't trade this upcoming experience for anything - and it leaves me with Vegas.. I can't complain about that!

So yay yay yay!!

How did you celebrate our anniversary? Did you run?

Do you like treadmill running? Have a treadmill in your home?

Do you have a DSLR? Nikon or Canon?

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