Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY and a new workout

Ummm if you've been around here for a while or have actually had the pleasure of visiting my place of residence you know that the hubs and I are so not crafty people. Not only are we not crafty, we are so not DIY people. I would love to be that girl that could dress up a room and have before and after pictures and share all my crazy good craftiness with you... but I'm not. I'm lucky the bedding in the bedroom finally matches and I'm even kind of thinking of replacing the towel hanging over our window with an actual curtain.. kind of.

Long story short - I left a candle burning in our bathroom.. with the door shut.. and when I came home this is what the bathroom looked like...

And after three magic erasers the wall looked like this...

I think the lighting makes it look a little worse than it really is and the erasers did work BUT I'd need like 30 of them to get through the soot/ash or whatever residue is left behind... and again there are other things that I'd rather do with my time so a quick trip to Home Depot for some great white paint, and paint brushes and tape... which is leading to a little DIY project...

I'm ready to tackle my first grown up DIY (boring as it may be) without my dad to guide the way.

In other news I recently discovered Jess' blog over at blonde ponytail and I am really loving it y'all! She is a certified strength and conditioning coach and she posts all these really cool workout combinations and even youtube videos to show you how to do each move. Since my running as been slightly nil lately because we're still in argument - I've been looking at other ways to workout and get my heart rate up. And today I did the feisty fifty workout she has posted. 

I did the 50 air squats with no problems - just ouch my thighs! I had to cut back to 25 burpee push-ups because I need girl push-ups and my legs were on fire. I skipped the tuck jumps for no other reason than I really hate jumping exercises. And I sound like a herd of elephants when I land... I am so not light on my feet no matter how hard I try. And I only did 25 hand release push-ups instead of the 50 because I'm still on the girl push-ups and my arms are still already sore. I'll have to work my way up to 50 real push-ups. My gymnastics coaches would kill me if they could see what a hard time I have with push-ups these days because there was a time when I would probably do close to 300 push-ups a practice - 150 because I had probably gotten in trouble for talking - but still close to 300 none the less... 

If you're into that whole fitness thing the Blonde Ponytail has some great at home workouts as well as gym workouts for you to choose from and some really easy recipes to try too! Or if you have any advice for a first time painter I'd gladly take them. Clearly this DIY is a pretty big deal and I know you're all going to be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see the finished product of a white wall!


  1. Omigosh--thanks for the linkage and actually doing the workouts! I LOVE to hear feedback so I can continue to improve/challenge/modify.

    Your dog is freaking adorable!!!!!! Love!!

  2. Thanks for sharing!! The Feisty 50 sounds like a challenge!!!