Sunday, July 1, 2012

Catch Up Time

We've been doing a whole lot of this lately...

and my bathroom still definitely looks like this...

because it's been like this like every day...

I really didn't think that June would be such a busy month - I thought we'd have time to relax and clean and blog more and all that fun stuff. But it kind of was and I kind of didn't...

Let's start off with some good news!! Our trip to Uganda is paid for and booked!! I am for reals going to Africa on September 22 and I am super excited. Not ready in the slightest bit but I am excited! God is so so good!! And more good news there is an organization called Afya in Yonkers (not too far from us) that has a warehouse of donated medical supplies/medications and for a donation you can bring your suitcase in and fill it to the 50lb weight limit with whatever you need! How awesome is that!? I'm super excited and hope that they have what we're looking for! AND people at work have been SO generous! I am beyond grateful for the people in my life and their support! And y'all too for listening to me talk about it and because I'm just going to keep on talking about it... 

And if getting ready for an international mission trip (for the first time) isn't a little bit stressful.. I am going to be whipping out my favorite study buddies again for the next three months -

because I am going to be attempting to take the neonatal certification exam.. 

which just certifies me as a neonatal nurse and I get to add some letters behind my signature. Oh hey guess what day it is this year -  Friday September 21. Oh yes if you remember from the above paragraph I get on an airplane to fly across the atlantic ocean the very next day. Talk about stress. it's like I've forgotten how to study... I fall asleep every time I open the book up! Take me back to those all nighters at good ol' Strozier

Okay now that its getting late I can actually go run and maybe not die of heat of heat exhaustion -

Thank goodness for some Nuun to keep me hydrated!! 

Today I think I'm going to try Jess' "out of the box" workout today - 

10 push ups
20 air squats 
30 full sit ups

That's 3 miles plus some x-training! I'll let you know if I die or not!


  1. yay! a fellow Christian:) I'm loving your blog, so happy I came across it!