Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I got my booty kicked..

At bootcamp...

I'll have to back track to last weekend eventually because the in laws were in town and I know you're all dying to hear all the fun and exciting things we did! And in approximately 72 hours my sister will be here!! She's never flown before so this should be good!

Okay but back to the hardest workout I've done in a realllyyy long time! We have some friends that go to church with us and he's a personal trainer and has a bootcamp class in our area. I've been talking with him and his wife and saying all the right things like oh yeah I really want to get in shape and I'd love to go blah blah blah... but let's be real sleep trumps working out every time. So I never really made the time to go, but for some reason this week I had friday night off and it seemed like a good idea. I wasn't super nervous, because hello I work out.. I don't look like I do by any means, but I promise I do. So I was pretty sure that I'd be able to handle a boot camp class even if it was a little more than I'm used to - then I start getting text messages like:

"Don't eat before you come so it doesn't hurt when you puke..."

Thanks.. now I'm excited... 

So any who I got up at the crack of dawn on saturday morning - a time that I am not exactly accustomed to waking up at and got dressed and had myself a banana and chocolate protein bar and some water... and talked myself into what a great idea this was..


Michelle and I (her hubs is the one that teaches)
My self portrait skills need some work and I've also realized that I have an extremely unsteady hand at  7am

We did a quick warm up with some laps and push ups and squats and a couple of other things that I can't really remember and I was like okay that wasn't so bad... that was the warm up... It was a lot of circuit training - like jump roping (which I am terrible because I haven't jumped rope since elementary school and even then I wasn't good at it... won't be seeing me doing any double unders anytime soon!) and medicine ball push ups and squat throws or something like that and some ab work and then you start that circuit over. And we did a few different variations of circuits. 

my medicine ball and kettle bell - I've never used one of those before - we used it for squats.

After an hour of this we were done. And in case you were wondering - I did not lose my breakfast! I was told that most people do their first time - luckily I know my body good enough not to push it to that extreme - kudos to the people that do push their body to that extreme but I really do hate to lose food that I took the time to eat and have to desire to push myself that hard. I still got a really good sweaty workout. Michelle thought she was a sweater - then I came along... people don't believe me when I tell them how bad I sweat until they witness it for themselves... it is a site to see. 


I apparently have an extremely unsteady hand after getting my booty kicked and I apparently sweated off all my make up - yes I get up to put make up on before I work out where other people are going to see me... it makes me feel better...

I slept so so good that afternoon before work. I also wasn't as sore as I thought I would be so I guess I could have pushed myself a little harder than I did. BUT seeing as how I am a few days late in posting this (sorry peeps need my zzz's) my elbows are sore!! More specifically what I believe to be my brachioradialis.. I'm not sure if it's from something I did at bootcamp or if maybe I slept funny but ouch!

I'm having trouble deciding if I want to jump on the bootcamp bandwagon OR the cross fit bandwagon... I really did enjoy the bootcamp though and I probably got a better workout than I have in a really long time.

And a bathroom update! It is painted!! For all you crafty people out there that find painting fun and easy.. I didn't have to do a thing - my in laws like that kind of stuff and who am I to deny them this joy!?

It is a nice pearly white instead of an ash gray...

Hope you're all having a great week so far - I thought it was tuesday all day yesterday then I remembered that yesterday was monday and today was tuesday and I still have one more shift standing between me and four glorious days off and fun in the city with my sister!!

Have you taken a bootcamp or cross fit class? Which did you like better??

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