Wednesday, August 8, 2012

beautiful blogger

Y'all I got nominated for a blogger award! It's for being the most consistent blogger!! 

Just kidding... I'd never win an award for that! I even had six days off this week and didn't even have time to sit and blog because I was way to bust spending all our money and watching the olympics.. which is an entirely different post!

Anywho, I was nominated for a Beautiful Blogger award by The Blonde Runs! I've been blogging for two-ish years and this is my first award! Yippee! I love her blog, she's been an inspiration to me and gave me so much motivation while I was training for my marathon via comments and long emails! And truth be told, beside my mom and mother in law - she was probably my first "real" follower that consistently read and commented! To which I will be forever grateful, because while I'd write regardless for my own 'diary' it's nice to know that at least someone else thinks my writing and my writing about my mediocre running is just a bit interesting... I'm always in awe of her running and the fact that she can run like she does in the altitude of Colorado! And run back to back races over a weekend... a weekend!?! So thank you Rebekah!! 

The Rules:

1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger award logo and post it in your post
2. Thank the person who nominated you and link it  back to their blog
3. Tell us 7 things about yourself
4. Nominate 7 other bloggers and link their blog! 

About Me:

1. If you didn't already know - I'm going to Uganda in September - 43 days and counting!! I have a heart for missions and really hope this is only the beginning and I'd also love to live in another country
2. House Hunters is my favorite show ever!
3. One of my very best friends is leaving the northeast to go back to the midwest.. I'll never find another friend that won't be offended by my lack of hygiene.. or fault me for my laziness
4. my favorite guilty pleasure show is Pretty Little Liars on ABC family
5. If anyone knows where I lost my motivation to run and can perhaps pick it up and give it back to me. That would be great. Thanks.
6. These are more thoughts than actual facts about me...
7. I'm a southern girl at heart and would love nothing more than a good valid reason to head back home but considering how that went last time.. I'm thinking that we are right where we should be.. for now

I would like to nominate... any of you that have stuck around and have still come back even in my lack of postings!! Please participate and then leave me a comment or shoot me an email or even better a tweet on the twitter! I love reading so many blogs that I really just absolutely cannot choose!!

Hope you all have a blessed day! We have our second to last meeting for our trip to Africa (eeks!!) and then I'm heading into work for a midnight - 7am shift... we apparently have 57 babies in our equipped for 45 babies unit... Awesome!