Monday, September 3, 2012

18 days!

Somehow I let the month of August just slip away... that always seems to happen to me... but thats okay. I've been working like a crazy person and sleeping just as much! BUT tonight I was able to have holiday time! Which on a holiday - is absolutely unheard of... so basically I'm getting paid to stay at home tonight! Wahoo!

Remember way back in January when I first signed up for my trip to Uganda!? Well, y'all - it is 18 days away!! I have been preparing.. collecting supplies and making sure I have what I need to bring with me... and we are now less than three weeks away from departure! 

My living room has looked like this..

That poor puppy doesn't even know what's about to happen to his life for two whole weeks!

I have lists after lists made...

supplies collected!

To do list! 

I think I'm almost ready! We have our last group meeting this week! eeks! My stress dreams have already started - dreams that I forget to pack shoes... dreams that I've left my passport at home... dreams that I forgot my stethoscope... Stupid things - things that I will now triple check to make sure that I remember them! I am a little nervous and fearful about small things and different situations but I know that our God is so much bigger than my nerves and my fears... and I know that my fears and concerns are not coming from Him they are coming from a dark place that Satan sits in and just tosses out and watches and waits for my reactions... I refuse to give him the satisfaction. 

Culturally I think I might just fit right in to their laid back - come what may life style... As a group we were asked to read the book Foreign to Familiar by Sarah Lanier - which is a short book whose main purpose is to introduce us to hot vs. cold climates. And if you don't know the difference, can I just say that I really needed this book before I moved to New York the first time!? Talk about an eye opener. As I was reading I found myself shaking my head to most of the book - it was very fitting and described the way that a southern transplant might feel after a move to the northeast! The main difference is that hot climates are relationship driven while cold climates are task driven. It was a good book and description to different cultures and how we all respond differently to different situations. (how many times can one person use the word different in one sentence!?)

I am being drawn to pictures on Facebook that people I know (also people that I know by association...) have posted of trips they've taken in the past as well as recent trips to Africa and soaking up every detail and hoping that they will stick with me - and finding blog after blog of long term missions and short term missions and all the pictures they've taken, the stories that they have to share - the people they've met along the way. To say that Africa.. Uganda... is on my mind 90% of the time would be an understatement. I'm not sure I've said it yet... or at least a million times... but I am excited! I am excited about my own growth as much as I am to share my nursing knowledge with others... what little that I have... and I am kind of excited and interested to live and interact with a culture where we aren't glued to the television and our iphones and checking the Facebook every 10 min.. oh wait, that might just be me... But God is so good and he has provided every step of the way for this trip and I can't wait to meet the rest of our group in person in Amsterdam! And I hope that I am fully prepared to see and to learn that this is not at all about me.. its not all about what I will learn, or how I will grow in my faith, or what I can teach others (me, me, me...) it is about Him and spreading His glory to all the peoples of the earth and helping my brothers and sisters in Christ... 

For He will deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help. He will take pity on the weak and the needy and save the needy from death. He will rescue them from oppression and violence, for precious is their blood in His sight. ~ Psalm 72: 12-14


  1. Oh, Holly! So incredibly excited for you!!! Cannot wait to hear what God does in and through you. Praying for you, sister!!!

  2. SO awesome. I'm going to have to put you on my prayer list!! I wouldn't be thinking about anything else either!