Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Remember that one time that I blogged two days in a row?? Yeah me either... 
Um I am leaving for Uganda in less than 24 hours! I am excited and nervous and excited and a little anxious and I kind of feel like I might throw up and I'm just a little bit excited!!! 

But first - my dear friend Becky Daye who blogs over at Daye by Daye (she has slightly better content then I, and she blogs just a little more often...) has nominated me for the Liebster Award! And I will steal her explanation of Liebster: It is German for the sweetest, dearest, nicest, kindest, beloved, lovely, kind pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcoming... I don't know if I'd use those words to describe myself but I'll strive for at least two... I really wanted to blog about this and include some of you but I know myself better than most people and I know that it will take me a million years to complete this post because I'll want to take my time and make sure I sound smart and witty and try to bring a smirk to your face - but considering the only caffeine I've had today is the exedrin I took a couple hours ago I just don't think it's going to happen... SO please please wait two weeks until I am back in the country so that I may properly accept this blogger award from my sweet sweet friend!

I was going to take the time and blog about the award today - but my very good friend - my first friend in New York three years ago moved back to her home of Ohio today.. I've loved watching her sweet girls grow over the past year, and having a friend that I could show up to her house un-announced, and never had to worry what came out of my mouth, or worry about how I looked - which to me = true friendship! I will miss her oh so very much and her little family that I got to watch grow!

Me, Lauren, Beth = best friends forever

 we also had a Tucker family fun day with the hubs, puppy, and I since I will be away from all my boys for two whole weeks! Instead of our usual day in the city, I really wanted to include the puppy since he'll be alone and we usually spend all day every day together (sad face) so we tried something new and traveled over to Bear Mountain. Which is almost an hour from us but a beautiful place to hike, and the puppy could join us! Doogie isn't really into nature or the outdoors and I think he likes when we're all gone because no one is around to bother him... As long as we're home in time to feed him dinner... Anywho - we had a fun time, and could not have asked for better weather - BUT no one said there were lots and lots of stone stairs... hello bum workout! 

Tucker family fun day!!!

A thirsty puppy... who knows how to drink out of a water bottle like a real person...

We leave tomorrow from JFK at 430pm - now I don't usually stress about things... I'm very laid back and go with the flow.. but I'm also not exactly the most organized person in the world (you're surprised by this I know) so when I tell you I waited until the last minute to finalize my packing... I waited until the very last minute! We were approved to check three bags since we're doing a mission trip - and I thought oh perfect I'm going to have SO MUCH ROOM - but when I tell you that somehow 50 more lbs showed up out of no where.. it came from no where! So I have spent the past two days rearranging and re-packing trying to get all three bags to be 50#'s ... and it has been really hard for me! But I was finally able to do it! AND since I'm so organized my poor team leader does not have my finalized packing list... I blame the night shift... always. 

I'm ready!!

I am finally put together enough that I could sit down and tell y'all all about it! I was reading in 1 Samuel the other day and came across 1 Samuel 12:16 which I thought spoke so well of the opportunity I am about to embark on. It says:

Now then, stand still and see this great thing the Lord is about to do before your eyes

I pray that I will not be distracted by things like - do I have enough skirts? what is the hubs going to be doing for two weeks - that I will be still and soak in what He has to show me and teach me. I know that Africa is obviously not all roses but I fully plan on seeing the great things that He will do in me and through me, in our group, in the staff, in the children... It's going to be so awesome, because we serve an awesome God!! Uganda here we come!

I am not going to have a whole lot of access to the inter-webs unless I plan on paying out the wazoo for it SO it may come as a surprise to you but I probably won't be blogging for the next two weeks..BUT I can't wait to share with you all when I get back!!

Also, should you like to be included in an email update list or be updated via facebook you can look to the right hand column and email me or follow me on facebook and the hubs will keep up!

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  1. I'm way late in saying "safe travels!" Hope you are having/had a great trip! Can't wait to see pics and read all about it.