Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting to the check-ups... Finally

So... I have decided to at least finish posting about my trip to Uganda! I apparently am really good about pushing this little blog into the corner of the blog world and my life and just forgetting all about it! Until my sweet Paw-Paw brought it up while I was visiting Florida a couple of weeks ago. He said that he kept coming back to check for updates and thought that maybe he was doing something wrong and missing all these updates.. he was doing it 100% correctly and was not missing a thing! So to keep my Paw-Paw up to date, I've decided to tell you about the rest of my trip!!

Day 5

Today we finally were able to open the doors to the little clinic and start seeing the children! Our patients. It was so cute - the nurse's "office" was behind one of the classrooms - they consisted of 4-7 year olds and were some of the most well behaved students I have ever seen! They were learning to brush their teeth, in class! And after everything the teacher told them they would say "Thank you teacher" and they would kiss their brain and thank their brain... Oh it was too cute! 

They also called toothpaste - Colgate - talk about brand representation. They had no clue what toothpaste was, but they knew Colgate was for your teeth!

Once they went outside we were able to set up our areas. Now keep in mind that we were only the second medial team ever to visit the children's village. When the children are sick they can receive medical attention but it is very expensive and well child check ups are just not in the budget, so what a blessing for us to come in and offer a tid bit of our medical knowledge and provide free head to toe assessments. But any who, since we were only the second medical team to come in and it was our first day "on the job" there was really no direction for us and we were kind of just flying by the seat of our pants. In theory our set up was okay, but it ended up being a little stressful. All the children were interested in what we were doing and the little ones had just gotten out of class so they were peeking in and watching. And it was a bit chaotic. We only saw about 10 kids, but we were doing some thorough head to toe assessments. In a medical point of view, we had a check in station, and a station for vital signs and snellen eye chart exams (surprisingly they all had REALLY good vision!), then they would sit and wait to go in for their assessments where they would get looked over by one of the Nurse Practitioners and then head over to either get wound care or ear care then they'd get a smile pack and be on their merry way. Some of the biggest issues were their ears! A lot of wax and dirt and a few creepy crawlers!!

Michelle and I setting up for vital signs..

In action... I wasn't used to heart beats being so slow! In the NICU our babies' heart beats usually run 140-180!

Amber and Mama Jean checking the kids in and making sure our charts were in order.

Performing the eye exams - I loved it because instead of heart they said "love" and instead of plus they said "cross"- it made my heart happy. 

Stephany - our head NP doing some paperwork!

The organizing queens!! I obviously stayed out of the way!

More head to toe assessments

Brittany our unofficial "water girl" - she made sure all the kids waiting were well hydrated!

Lunch everyday - rice and beans and some green and pineapple and usually avocado! It was actually so good and kept you really full! 

Shelby and Meghan playing with the kids

Some ear cleaning...

After the kids made it through all the stations we handed out smile packs that we had collected supplies for and made for the children. The smile packs included - wash cloths, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, hand towel, brush, shampoo and stickers and pencils. It was a good "gift" at the end - especially for the ones that had to get their ears cleaned out!! That looked a little painful!

Playing with the kids - they love the "tickle monster" and hand slapping. They think the Muno's are nuts!

Nurse Betty and Jamie. Nurse Betty is the COTN "school nurse" - she volunteers part time with COTN as she has a full time job working nights at the hospital in Lira. She works something crazy like 8 days on and 8 days off... 8 night shifts in a row - I can barely make 4 in a row without entering a coma at the end of it! But she really loves the children and takes great care of them!

The educational station - learning to brush their teeth and wash their hands!

Mama Jeans on her birthday in the special fairy birthday top! Getting some love. 

After a long day of school and after a few well child check ups - a game of soccer was on the agenda... they play barefoot!

It was a great day, despite the stress and chaos of the day - we still had fun!

In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, "it is more blessed to give than to receive." 
Acts 20:35

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