Monday, June 24, 2013

What I miss...

And can't wait to see/do again..

The entire staff 
Jimmy and James racing the vans
stopping by the market for soda and sweets
delicious meals
incredible hospitality and love,
 morning devotions
"Brian, this is Holly" - the power was out...
 “like” conversations with BK
sharing skirts and clothes/getting ready in the morning,
 Shelby’s braids
 “muno, bye!”
 naked babies
 big smiles
the huge stars in a clear sky
 poop talks (big deal if you were able to go!)
the prison visit
 quick showers,
 brief debriefs - that turned into long debriefs.. (I always fell asleep anyway)
 pill cocktails - the nightly chats AFTER ambien was taken...
 fearing for your life and the lives of others every time we got in a car
“you are most highly welcome” 
Emma’s “yeth”
garlic burps - sorry Michelle!
 busting out worship songs at any time of day
 Africa time
Obanga na gin aloi pe
head lamps
 aggressive prayer
clapping for everything
bikes serving as a taxi, pick-up truck and SUV
squatty potty
thunder storms and the cool breezes that followed
 serving the children a meal at center day
raising eyebrows to say yes
 the people carrying things on their heads
 babies strapped to family member’s backs - strapping a baby to my back!
those sweet little kids being afraid of the "muno's"
Ugandan’s wearing coats in 90 degree heat
dance parties
 the sunrise on safari
 the “carwash”
fresh pineapple
 avocado and bananas
personal hygiene and cholera poem 
Jimmy’s stories and jokes…

(thanks Meghan!)

And some of my favorite pictures...

Praying for everyone's food babies... 

until next time...

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  1. OMG! I love this! I especially love the food baby picture :) I am in a coffee shop right now laughing my head off! It seems like a good one for awkward family photos or something like that hahaha

    Muno bye!
    - Hangaburger :)