Friday, July 12, 2013

A little catch up post... again

Remember when I wrote this post... Third time's a charm right? In the eight months that I've been attempting to finish sharing my Africa trip with y'all we have...

Celebrated our good friends' wedding - Kayleigh and Neil in Butler, PA

I'm super classy and always have some bright rubber band to put my hair up... I danced so much I was sweating like I had ran a half marathon...

I was able to go to North Carolina for part of Thanksgiving with my family... Luke had to stay home and work and watch the puppy - someone's gotta bring home the bacon!

My BFF and her hubby came to the city for a little get away weekend and we were able to meet them and hang out with them and eat at our favorite pizza place... you guessed it Johns!!

We survived the snow storm - Nemo and had to put our sweet Doogie to sleep..

Sitting in about 2 feet of snow in the driveway.. it was super fun to drive home in!

RIP kitty, kitty.

I was able to escape the freezing winter in March and go to Dallas to see my BFF again and meet little EK for the first time... remember when I helped throw a baby shower for little EK!? She's one now!

and two short weeks later I left the northeast again and drove to Florida for the second year in a row with the puppy to visit family. 

Same picture as last year... except this year someone almost attacked the mailman... bad dog.. two and a half years later and we're still working on our manners!

This trip was extra special because my sister had a baby (#2) - I got to meet my new niece Madilynn Louise - she is so cute! 

We had a girls night - my sister, my mom, me and baby Madi...

The hubs and I did the tourist thing and went parasailing. It was scary and fun and I'm just not sure if I'll ever do it again. It was in the bay so we were able to see Destin and Niceville and Fort Walton and Eglin Air Force base and all the surrounding area. It was beautiful but cold and REALLY high up!

AND we celebrated our four year wedding anniversary! We went away on our first trip together as married people.. We spent a couple of days in Newport, RI. It was beautiful and so much fun! Kind of cold still though! You can look on instagram for all the pictures that I posted.. 

The coast was beautiful and all the big mansions!! And we had a lot of fun eating too!! 

And in the meantime I've been running here and there and doing cross fit... and I'm loving it. Thanks to Jess @ Blonde Ponytail and all her posts from last summer, I finally talked the hubs into trying it and we've been doing it ever since! 

OH YEAH - if you didn't want to spend a million years reading all my Uganda posts... I'll just let you know that I'm going back!! Luke and I will be going in 35 short days!!!

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  1. You've been busy!!! :) That's very exciting that you're going back to Uganda!!