Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BIC Band Love

So, I had heard about BIC bands through some of my bigger blogging "friends" - Sarah and Sarah. I had a time finding a head band that doesn't slip off my head during my various activities. I originally wanted some head bands for my trip to Uganda since I wasn't exactly going to be doing my hair... or even washing it that much. Ha. Who am I kidding? I don't do that now and I have unlimited access to hot showers and electricity... Anywho, I was looking for some fun headbands that stayed in place and didn't give me a headache.

Hence a late night $36 order for three headbands. (some of the best $36s that I've ever spent)

I ordered two of the gunmetal glitter bands and one purple glitter. Because purple is my favorite color and the gray because it was "neutral" and I figured it would go with everything. I also don't like to be super flashy and bring a lot of attention to myself in the way that I dress... So I ordered three sparkly headbands? I know, it makes sense to me too...

I was so happy when I got them - just in time for my trip! I think I wore them almost every day...

BIC bands at work in Uganda - keeping dirty hair out of my face since 2012!

My love did not stop once I returned home! 

To say that I wear them more than they were intended to be worn would be an understatement. The secret to them never moving is the velvet underneath. Genius! And they also offer for you to measure your head if you have a larger than normal noggin and don't think the average size would fit you. (my description, not theirs.) I wear them to work, I wear them when I run, I wear them Crossfit.. speaking of cross fit - did anyone see the WOD announcements!?! A 21,097 meter row!? That's a half marathon in rowing people... almost two hours on a rower.. I just can't even fathom.. I hate like 5 min on the rower! Okay.. side note - sorry. So the point to this story is that I was in the process of ordering more head bands for my upcoming trip in a few weeks - and I wanted to check their Facebook page, because again, another really cool thing about these headbands is that the company donates $1 from purchases to a "charity of the month". This month the proceeds are going to Boston Strong. When I ordered last year they were donating to the Wounded Warrior Project. Okay, so while I was perusing their Facebook site - I noticed that they were looking for BIC bands in action - um hello!? Like I said I wear mine all. the. time. I surely have some awesome pictures to send in. So I sent in a couple of crossfit pictures and a couple from Africa, thinking that they probably had a TON of people submit pics and they'll never use mine... well hello, please I got an email from Sandy, the founder saying that they were going to use three of the four that I sent in!!

These were three that I sent in. I do kind of love the first one - that sweet boy stole my heart and I think that you can totally tell - you've probably seen it floating around here a few times! But anywho, how cool is that!? It's kind of a big deal for me!! I totally geeked out and called the hubs at work to share the news! This is like one product that I tell everyone I know to buy!

Soo... what are you waiting for? 

**I was compensated for my photos.  Not my blog post. But all opinions are 100% my own.**

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  1. Those are great action pics!! Congrats on being featured. How fun!