Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hudson Valley Road Trip

Hello friends! My mom and dad (Rod and Juls) are here visiting from Florida and my dad decided he wanted to see something other than NYC! So over the weekend we drove up the Hudson Valley. It was really pretty and something that the hubs and I have never done - and we really don't live far from any of it. As a matter of fact about 50% of the nurses that I work with commute from the towns that we visited.. I can barely make it home now in the mornings.. Anywho..

We went by the Croton on the Hudson Gorge... It was a cute little park and I think there is a dam on the other side but we didn't really want to drive to it..

We went to Bear Mountain - The hubs and I hiked up the mountain last year with the puppy before my trip for our family fun day - but we went the easy way and drove up to the look outs. It really is beautiful - but man alive, it. was. hot.

We ended up at our main stop that afternoon - West Point Military Academy. We were too late to tour but we drove around the town and found a hotel on hotwire.com. It was the cheapest - and it wasn't the dirtiest hotel I've ever stayed at but it wasn't the Holiday Inn either... But it was a great deal last minute. We checked in to the hotel and then went over to Woodbury Commons to do a little shopping. The hubs scored some great deals! Lucky for him I don't really shop much for myself unless it's Nike or Lululemon because I work and do cross fit and run sometimes and I sleep... I sleep a lot. So my need for real clothes is limited to the few Sundays that I actually make it to church...

We went to bed pretty early so we could wake up and be first in line for the tours... Our tour didn't start until 11 but they opened up at 9 - and those buses filled up fast! After we put our names in we drove a little north and stopped at an overlook where we were able to see the campus. It was beautiful! 

Then we drove a little further to Cornwall - and stopped at Jones Farm. How cute! They had a cute bakery and fruits and veggies - I think they do apple picking in the fall. And a little boutique-ish store. A great find if I say so myself. 

We then went back to start our tour...

The story behind the chains is that when they established West Point as a military in the 1700s it was because of its position on the narrowing of the Hudson River and we were able to control ship traffic better. When the Revolutionary war began the chains were constructed and laid across the river just under the water so to stop ships - although it was never tested because once the British knew about it, they never sent a ship that way. Pretty neat history lesson for those of you that wanted to know.. And for those of you that are snoozing at your computer screen - WAKE UP!!! 

Molly Corbin's grave. She was the "first female" in the military. She went with her husband to battle during the Revolution to take care of him and when he was killed she manned the canon herself..

Okay, okay - I'm done with the history lesson!

West Point is a beautiful campus right on the Hudson! I really enjoyed the tour! And I suggest if you're in this area you make time for it!

After West Point we ate a quick lunch and made the drive to Rhinebeck, NY. I'm not really sure what we thought we'd find there but it was a really cute little town. Then we turned around - drove by one of the Vanderbilt mansions in the area and stopped one last time in Poughkeepsie where we walked a little bit of the overlook over the Hudson River. That might have been my favorite part. I haven't really heard great things about Poughkeepsie, but I would love to be able to add that bridge to part of my run! How cool would it be to run over a bridge over the Hudson River as part of your work out!? Maybe that's just me... But again, at 6pm it felt like 100 degrees... We picked the hottest weekend of the year to be tourists!

On Monday the hubs had to work - someone's gotta bring home the bacon while I have some fun! My mom, dad and I traveled up I-95 and went to Ikea... It's like an amusement park for adults. I want to throw out everything I have and start over. We had just gone with Luke's mom and dad the previous week and I bought two chairs so that way our guests wouldn't have to sit on kitchen chairs or the floor. Thoughtful of me, I know... We spent about two hours there and then my mom and dad made the trip back to White Plains to go to the Container Store. 

Today we went into the city... I mean we have to take people to the city when they come to visit - it's really the only way we know to entertain them. My dad wanted to visit the Museum of Natural History so that was the big thing on our agenda. So that is what we did. 

We spent a little over three hours looking around and we still didn't see all the rooms! There were about a million small children running around on field trips which kind of made me twitch (I don't do well in large crowds.. especially large, noisy crowds... I live in the perfect area for this right!?)  Sister and I went last year and it was so not that crowded. We zipped through in about 90 minutes! We made our way back downtown and then the hubs met us for a late lunch, at - you guessed it - Johns Pizzeria - our favorite! We were going to try and go see a show but we have seen quite a few and gracious have the prices gone up!? The cheapest for Phantom was $77 a person! For four people that kind of adds up... so we walked to Bryant Park and sat and people watched during the five o'clock rush hour.. my favorite. It takes all kinds to make up NYC!!

Then Rod and Juls splurged and took a rickshaw back to Grand Central!

Happy (almost) hump day!! 

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