Saturday, July 13, 2013

Week of WODs

I wanted to wrap this week up in WODs... I think it was a good week of workouts!! 

Monday: "vendetta"
Overhead squats
Then.. 5 rounds
30 seconds double unders
30 seconds overhead squats 95/65
30 seconds toes to bar
30 seconds rest

I did the Rx for girls which was 65lbs OH squats. I also stuck with my OH squat max of 115 and decided not to push it. It was my first time doing OH squats since I had muscle spasms in my neck a few weeks ago. Which after a deep tissue massage, I felt like a new person! So anywho, I really liked this workout, I love OHS! My score was kind of low competitively because I cannot string my double unders together and would get 10-12 each round. 

After the WOD I stayed after and did some strength/form work with a friend. We did 10 rounds of squat snatches - 3 squat snatches EMOM for 10 rounds. I did 55lbs. Our main focus was form - not to feel like we were killing ourselves in a WOD. I'm planning to make this a regular practice to get better and stronger!

Tuesday I put furniture together... 

Wednesday: "Isabel"
A benchmark
Snatch squat max
30 snatches 125/95

I PR'ed on my one rep max! 95lbs squat snatch. My coach was saying technically you should be able to squat snatch 115 because I can OH squat that... But I get to 100lbs and just freak myself out! But I was happy with my 5lb PR! I used to absolutely hate snatches and couldn't get over 70lbs for like 2 months and somewhere in there the movement just clicked and I love them now! So much fun! 
There was a 7 min cap - I finished in 4:38. Also a little slow compared to other people but I did 80% of my max instead of the prescribed 70%. 

Thursday: fight gone bad "FGB"
3 rounds
1 minute at each station
Wall balls 20/14
Sumo deadlift high pulls 75/55
Box jumps
Push press 75/55
Row for calories 

I did Rx for girls. My total was 267. Box jumps are my weakness! They really slowed me down! But I usually look for others on the board that are similar to my level and so I was close and I was okay with that. My coach's score for FGB is 511... If that doesn't put things in perspective... Luke's reply was "that's why she's going to the games and you're not..."
I also nailed myself in the chin a few times on the sumo deadlifts - resulting in a nice bruise on my chin! I also whacked myself during the wall balls... You can just call me Grace!!

Saturday: I modified since we're on the road with my mom
and dad

10 rounds
10 hand release push ups
10 kettle bell swings 53/35
10 butterfly sit ups
20 min cap

Since I did this in our hotel room - I did air squats instead of kettle bell swings so I was able to finish in 11:26. I do really like kettle bell swings but I had to do something since we are dinner at TGI Fridays and it was totally not paleo!

Sorry no pics!! I typed this whole thing from my phone and can't figure out how to transfer!! I really thought blogger was supposed to be user friendly! 

Happy weekend! We're touring West Point tomorrow!

What was your favorite workout or WOD you did this week!?

**i downloaded the blogger app and can add photos from my phone!**

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