Monday, July 22, 2013

WODs 7/15 - 7/21

So before I talk about all the WODs that I completed last week - I wanted to share some photos from a competition that I did on June 30. Battle of the Boxes. I was kind of just asking about it around the box and how it worked and next thing I knew I was on a team... I am glad I did it, it was a lot of fun but really humbling... which is what I love about crossfit! You are constantly brought back down to earth! 

The first WOD was 
20 thrusters 95/65
20 burpees over the bar
20 Pull ups 
200 M run

I knew I'd do fine on the thrusters and burpees - which I did - I did both unbroken in about 2 min and then the pull ups happened... At our box I've been able to string about 5 kipping together and then get off re-chalk and get back on... I thought thats what I'd be able to do... Nerves, over-confidence, being tired - I'm not sure what happened. No excuses? I just bombed the pull-ups.. had to do the one at a time... got a few no reps... it was awful.. humbling, like I said. I really just wanted not to finish... but I knew I still had two teammates to finish behind me so I just. kept. going. Trying not to cry! Thankful for friends who ran with me... I finished. It was awful. We didn't make it past the first two WODs... I'll always feel like it was my fault - BUT I had the best team and they loved on me! We did have a team finish fourth from our box though - so proud of them! Because the WODs just got harder!! I definitely won't let it scare me from competing because its just fun!! I'm not sure if I'll do team stuff again... but I really did have fun and got a work out in regardless! The next day Kaleena made me feel better - a) by telling me that she'd beat me with a PVC pipe if I said sorry one more time and b) her first regionals she had done so good and it looked like she may make it to the games, but the WOD was 7 minutes of muscle ups and she spent the entire time staring at the rings because she couldn't do a muscle up... I'm not going to the games or anything - but she came home and worked on muscle ups and she's in Cali right now preparing to become the "fittest on earth" SO I've been spending time before and after working on pull-ups so that I can at least get through them in a WOD without a band!!

20 thrusters @ 65#s

burpees over the bar

The run with Melissa and Longo - thanks girls!!

Melissa consoling me!!

Our 3 teams of 6 and our member spectators ...

Okay so this past week -

Monday 7/15 "No Mercy Monday"

AMRAP 15 min
50 overhead squats 95/65
50 burpees to a plate
50 front squats 95/65
50 burpees to a plate
50 back squat 95/65
50 burpees to a plate

I think Kaleena was eating ice cream and doing an evil laugh when she made up this WOD! She programs a lot of our WODs with a low time cap - her theory is, is that we're more likely to push ourselves for 15 min or so then if we just do the WOD for time and then you have a lot of time wasting, walking around etc etc... any way I did Rx for girls 65#s and made it to 153 reps - which comes down to the 50 OHS, 50 burps and 50FS and 3 burpees... Some good crossfitters finished the workout.. we went and met my mom and dad at Q for bbq!! yum!


We spent the day in the city.. walking around in the heat!!

Wednesday 7/17 "high tolerance" 

10 minutes
hang squat clean
find a heavy 5 rep max to use for wod
4 rounds
5 unbroken hang squat cleans
row for calories with remaining time
rest 2 minutes
score is calories each round

My five rep max was 115lbs and I did the WOD at 105lbs. The two minute break built in was wonderful! The first set of rowing I was like oh my gosh I'm done - there's no way I can do this 3 more times unbroken! Then I remembered I get to rest! So I was able to go unbroken with the 105lbs.. I probably could've done the WOD at 110lbs.. But the rowing got tough! My score - the calories per round was 23-18-18-16. I was happy with that! I really liked this WOD! Because I really like built in rests!!!

What 105lbs on the barbell looks like... I wanted to be able to have the option of taking some weight off need be..

Thursday 7/18

I wanted to go for a run BUT holy cow it was hot!! All week last week was miserably hot! So I'm very thankful for friends who have spin bikes inside their air conditioned house! Central AC, no less!! (Thanks BK and Michelle!) I went over and was able to spin - I modified Janae's fun spin work out - and did 3 min of heavy hill climbing out of the saddle and increased tension every 30 seconds then spent two minutes in the saddle with recovery/sprints... I was super sweaty despite the AC! Did that for half an hour then did 5 sets of 10 kettle bell swings with their 30lb KB. Then I had to go to work!

Friday 7/19 "main site chipper"

30 handstand push-ups
40 pullups
50 kettlebell swings 53/35
60 sit-ups
70 burpees
20 minute cap

I finished it 17:59! I did the pull ups with a thin blue band. I did strict for about 15 and then had to use the band to start kipping. Still working on getting lots of pull-ups unassisted!! I used 2 ab mats for the hand stand push ups.


Still unbelievably hot! We were supposed to get some rain friday night that was supposed to cool things off... that really didn't happen! The air quality was absolutely terrible and it was still about 90 degrees inside our apartment! SO I went back over to BK and Michelle's house to spin again. Again, so grateful for friends with central AC! I did the same fun spinning work out as thursday but I went for 35 min. Then since the WOD on saturday morning used KBs, and the Kelpacki's have KBs - I modified!

3 rounds
15 kettlebell snatches 53/35 right arm
30 wall balls 20/14
15 kettlebell snatches 53/35 left arm
rest 3 minutes between rounds
each round is separate score
running clock time cap is 20 minutes

I used the 20lb KB since I was inside their TV room and didn't really feel like launching a 30lb KB at their wall or TV! Also instead of wall balls I did KB thrusters with the 20lb KB. My rounds were 3:12, 3:10 and 2:59. 

And just in case you're tired of all the crossfit talk and pictures... Here is a picture of my really cute niece Madi Lou

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  1. Wow! Your wods are super impressive!!!! Way to go joining the competition. At least you were brave enough to do it -- I was totally spectating on Saturday!!!!