Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bye 'Merica

We're leaving on a jet plane!! We're sitting at the gate in DC waiting to depart! We are so ready!! We've already had our first big hiccup - if you follow on IG - you know that we left a bag at home and did not realize until we had made the 30 minute drive to LaGuardia!!!!! What!?!? This is our lives... Welcome to the chaos!! Thank the good Lord above for good friends who drove the half hour back home snuck into our house retrieved said forgotten bag and then drove the half hour back to LGA! Shout out to MK and BK!!! We owe you!! That would never happen to them because MK is so organized and on top of life! So unlike myself! We balance each other :) which makes for a great friendship!! Love to you all!!! And see you in two weeks!! 

The "vets" from Uganda 2012!! Woo! We're going back!!

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