Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Getting ready for Uganda round 2

To say that I am beyond excited to be going back to what I consider my second home would be an understatement. The only difference is that by this time last year I had lists upon lists and I had packed and repacked and organized and reorganized - and this year... I've made a list... Y'all we leave in 9 days!!

Insert: panic mode! I just worked a four day stretch and then spent a wild night on the town with my work friends to celebrate one of our favorite nurses retirement. And by wild night - I sipped and watched everyone else chug... Good times! So here I am - wednesday morning, 2am - being even less productive than I was last week!

Babette - 37 years ago when she graduated nursing school! We had such a good time celebrating her!

Back to packing... The good news is that this year since its not a medical trip - our gift is composition notebooks. So if you were wondering how many composition notebooks it takes to fill a suitcase to the 50lb weight limit - I will let you know! We're also going to bring some crayons and coloring books because last year the kids got so excited when we brought those out! And stickers... They LOVE stickers! 

I mean all I know is that I wish the government had let the hubs keep his original passport photo

How cute is he!? Don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks!?

Last year I found that I way overpacked on the clothes - 5 skirts and I don't even know how many tops and like 4 scrubs. They spoil the Americans and they have staff to wash your clothes every day if you want. So this year I'm going to try to really and organize and think about what we're wearing and pack light... Whatever packing light means. I'm a girl... and I never know what I might feel like wearing. Yes, even in Africa. 

But one thing I do know - is that we have enough fans -

In fact, a whole zoo... We will not be for want of a cool breeze! Meg's already claimed an elephant! Thanks to my in-laws!

In other news - I have lost a toenail... 

 Please be jealous of my photog skills... and my really awesome feet! and our really awesome pink toilet!

I haven't even been running that much so I'm not sure why it decided to come off now... And it's the whole thing too and I wanted to go get my nails did this week. I'm sure the hubs will be super upset that I'm going to have to wait. Also, if you're wondering, I cannot remember the name of the polish but its a new Essie color and it matches my scrubs... I like to keep it fancy.

Okay, most boring post ever... I got nothing else! I'll get back to more WODs and interesting things tomorrow after I've had some real sleep!
 (I've also been working on this post for days... and this was the best it could get...)

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  1. Ugh I hate losing toenails, but pink toilets are awesome!