Thursday, August 15, 2013

weekly WODs (way late!!)

These WODs are from almost two weeks ago! Yikes! I was doing SO good too! Then work and then I got sick and I'm trying to pack... and sleep just really keeps getting in the way!

"Snatcher" 7/31

Hang squat snatch
30 Double Unders
10 kettle bell snatches 53/35 (1 arm/switch each round)

I likes this one - I really like snatches and that includes KB snatches even though I always get the worst bruise on my wrist because I haven't quite mastered the "meeting" of the KB at the top... its still more of a bang! I also spent the first part of the WOD trying to figure out if one round was 30 DU's/right arm and 30 DU's/left arm = 1 round or 30DUs/right arm = 1 round and 30DUs/left arm = 2 rounds... it was the second one! My 2 rep squat snatch was 75lbs. I was told that your hang squat snatch should be about 15lbs lighter then a power snatch because you lose the power coming from the ground. Mine is 20lbs less... so I was okay with that! I did the WOD with 26lbs I think. I just couldn't quite snatch that 35lbs.. But I also can't remember because all I wrote down was that I mixed the DU's... Which is HUGE for me!!

"Dragon Coaster" 8/1

Power Cleans 
find 3 rep max
power cleans 155/105
hand stand push ups
10 minute cap

my 3 rep max was 115 - I ended up doing the WOD at 95lbs - I was thinking that since I literally rolled out of bed at noon for the 1230pm class that I probably wasn't 100% awake and probably shouldn't be throwing around too much weight so as not to hurt myself or someone else. BUT I guess that I woke up because with the 95lbs I did the 10 and 8 sets unbroken. And I finished in 5:08. I thought that maybe I missed count? But I did not. I also did the HSPU with two ab mats but I worked on my kipping ones at the end of class with one ab mat and it actually went pretty good!

"deck of cards" 8/2

Teams of 4 will each receive a deck of cards. Each team member completes the prescribed exercise for the number of repetitions on the card. When the last athlete finishes, the next card is flipped. Continue until deck is gone. 
Hearts = walla balls 20/14
diamonds = dumbbell push press 35/25
Clubs = box jumps 20"
spades = kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls 53/35
joker = calories on the rower 35/25
jacks, queens, kings = 10 reps
ace = 11 reps
30 min cap

On the first friday of every month we do a deck of cards workout. They have become one of my favorite days to WOD! If you're very familiar with crossfit and the benchmark workouts then you'll notice that each exercise is from the infamous "fight gone bad"! They designed this WOD in hopes to help us all improve on the movements and our FGB times! My team got through all but 9 cards left on the deck. Not going to lie it did hurt me a little bit and I got SO hot during this WOD! 

That's me on the far left! 

Then work started and I didn't get much else done! Oops! I ran a couple times.. But nothing to write home about!

"eureka" 8/8

5 rounds
1min double unders
1 min hang squat cleans
1min hand release push ups
1 min rest

My score was 239 total reps. I'd like to think that was a respectable number. I did mixed double unders again and only counted the DUs. I'm slowly getting better at them! The squat cleans were actually the break for me! I'd like to think that throwing around the heavy weights isn't too tough for me, its the body weight exercises and things like DU's, burpees, pull ups, etc that just 100% gas me!

Then I got sick...

But I still went on saturday to try and sweat out whatever is plaguing me.

"all about the benjamins" 8/10

100 Curtis P's 75/55
25 min cap

I did Rx and made it through 75. We did this workout in february except that EMOM you had to do 5 lateral jumps over the bar and I got through 87 then. SO I'd like to think that should I have been able to breathe and could tell what was sweat and what was snot that I would have been able to finish... Next time!!

I hate missing workouts but I feel like I have been working SO much and there is A LOT going on in our boring little lives right now that I am just in Thomas the train mode of "just keep going".. or whatever he says... 

Praying that this illness leaves my body ASAP before we leave Sunday!!

But don't you worry - I am ready for anything!

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  1. Feel better! Whew! 100 Curtis P's!!!!! I'd like to try that. I liked those, not sure how much I'd love 100 though!