Cross Fit

I've been doing crossfit for about 8 months... I LOVE it! I plan to use this page to keep track of my max weights and my goals!! The hubs and I have been going to Crossfit Port Chester - right down the road from us. Our coach - Kaleena is awesome! She's third in the northeast right now and headed to the games in just a couple of weeks!

Back squat - 145 x 2reps
bench press - 95 X 3 reps
power clean - 135lbs x 1 rep (5/21/13)
Hang squat clean - 120lbs x 1 (4/24/13)
Squat clean - 125lbs x 2
clean and jerk - 110lbs X 2 reps (3/5/13)
dead lift - 200lbs x 1
185lbs x 25 reps in WOD (6/25/13)
front squat (hold x 3 seconds @ depth) - 135lbs x 3 reps
Split jerk - 135lbs x 1 reps
overhead squat - 115lbs x 3 reps
snatch -90lbs x1 rep
squat snatch - 95lbs x 1 rep *5lb PR 7/10/2013*
thruster - 110lbs
Double Unders - 10 in a row! (small potatoes I know!)

Split Jerk - 135

OH squat - 115 - boom!

consecutive double unders... (without peeing my pants...)
strict pull up...
5 kipping pull ups without slipping off the bar


  1. Yay!! I was just going to ask you why you don't post more about CrossFit! You should. Lol. I'd be your biggest fan. I like your goal of du's without peeing your pants!!!! :)

    1. Ha! I saw yours and thought what a good idea!! I really just need to post more in general!! You're motivating me to blog more!