Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bye 'Merica

We're leaving on a jet plane!! We're sitting at the gate in DC waiting to depart! We are so ready!! We've already had our first big hiccup - if you follow on IG - you know that we left a bag at home and did not realize until we had made the 30 minute drive to LaGuardia!!!!! What!?!? This is our lives... Welcome to the chaos!! Thank the good Lord above for good friends who drove the half hour back home snuck into our house retrieved said forgotten bag and then drove the half hour back to LGA! Shout out to MK and BK!!! We owe you!! That would never happen to them because MK is so organized and on top of life! So unlike myself! We balance each other :) which makes for a great friendship!! Love to you all!!! And see you in two weeks!! 

The "vets" from Uganda 2012!! Woo! We're going back!!

Three hours!

UM Y'ALL! We leave in THREE HOURS!! And I'm still awake and I'm still packing!! 


Talk about procrastination! I have been nursing my illness and soaking up all the time I can with my little buddy before I leave him for two weeks!

We've been going for long walks and cuddling on the couch! Our two favorite things!

I've also been running around like a crazy person to see old friends in the city before we're all thousands of miles apart again -

Brittany was my roomie in college for two years and she is in grad school at Miami now and interning with Fox over the summer so we were able to see each other for the first time since I graduated many moons ago! It was so good to catch up on life!

And then I was able to go out to dinner with Amber and her roomie from college. Amber was our team leader last year on our trip. She had just flown in from her two weeks in Uganda! So that time was super special to hear about her experience and get super pumped about mine!!

And I was able to Skype with my mini me- 

My little niece Madi Lou! Priorities, right!? Yes, I was dying my hair at 9pm the night before we leave... with a box that I've had for three months..

Now I am last minute/stress packing! No big deal - only going to a third world country for two weeks!

I promise to be a better blogger - we should have internet by next week when we make it the safari!!

Bon Voyage my friends!! Pray for us! That we stay well and that our team meshes well and that the hubs and I grow even closer to each other and that the puppy is okay and doesn't hate us when we get back!

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus giving thanks to God the Father through Him. - Colossians 3:17

Thursday, August 15, 2013

weekly WODs (way late!!)

These WODs are from almost two weeks ago! Yikes! I was doing SO good too! Then work and then I got sick and I'm trying to pack... and sleep just really keeps getting in the way!

"Snatcher" 7/31

Hang squat snatch
30 Double Unders
10 kettle bell snatches 53/35 (1 arm/switch each round)

I likes this one - I really like snatches and that includes KB snatches even though I always get the worst bruise on my wrist because I haven't quite mastered the "meeting" of the KB at the top... its still more of a bang! I also spent the first part of the WOD trying to figure out if one round was 30 DU's/right arm and 30 DU's/left arm = 1 round or 30DUs/right arm = 1 round and 30DUs/left arm = 2 rounds... it was the second one! My 2 rep squat snatch was 75lbs. I was told that your hang squat snatch should be about 15lbs lighter then a power snatch because you lose the power coming from the ground. Mine is 20lbs less... so I was okay with that! I did the WOD with 26lbs I think. I just couldn't quite snatch that 35lbs.. But I also can't remember because all I wrote down was that I mixed the DU's... Which is HUGE for me!!

"Dragon Coaster" 8/1

Power Cleans 
find 3 rep max
power cleans 155/105
hand stand push ups
10 minute cap

my 3 rep max was 115 - I ended up doing the WOD at 95lbs - I was thinking that since I literally rolled out of bed at noon for the 1230pm class that I probably wasn't 100% awake and probably shouldn't be throwing around too much weight so as not to hurt myself or someone else. BUT I guess that I woke up because with the 95lbs I did the 10 and 8 sets unbroken. And I finished in 5:08. I thought that maybe I missed count? But I did not. I also did the HSPU with two ab mats but I worked on my kipping ones at the end of class with one ab mat and it actually went pretty good!

"deck of cards" 8/2

Teams of 4 will each receive a deck of cards. Each team member completes the prescribed exercise for the number of repetitions on the card. When the last athlete finishes, the next card is flipped. Continue until deck is gone. 
Hearts = walla balls 20/14
diamonds = dumbbell push press 35/25
Clubs = box jumps 20"
spades = kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls 53/35
joker = calories on the rower 35/25
jacks, queens, kings = 10 reps
ace = 11 reps
30 min cap

On the first friday of every month we do a deck of cards workout. They have become one of my favorite days to WOD! If you're very familiar with crossfit and the benchmark workouts then you'll notice that each exercise is from the infamous "fight gone bad"! They designed this WOD in hopes to help us all improve on the movements and our FGB times! My team got through all but 9 cards left on the deck. Not going to lie it did hurt me a little bit and I got SO hot during this WOD! 

That's me on the far left! 

Then work started and I didn't get much else done! Oops! I ran a couple times.. But nothing to write home about!

"eureka" 8/8

5 rounds
1min double unders
1 min hang squat cleans
1min hand release push ups
1 min rest

My score was 239 total reps. I'd like to think that was a respectable number. I did mixed double unders again and only counted the DUs. I'm slowly getting better at them! The squat cleans were actually the break for me! I'd like to think that throwing around the heavy weights isn't too tough for me, its the body weight exercises and things like DU's, burpees, pull ups, etc that just 100% gas me!

Then I got sick...

But I still went on saturday to try and sweat out whatever is plaguing me.

"all about the benjamins" 8/10

100 Curtis P's 75/55
25 min cap

I did Rx and made it through 75. We did this workout in february except that EMOM you had to do 5 lateral jumps over the bar and I got through 87 then. SO I'd like to think that should I have been able to breathe and could tell what was sweat and what was snot that I would have been able to finish... Next time!!

I hate missing workouts but I feel like I have been working SO much and there is A LOT going on in our boring little lives right now that I am just in Thomas the train mode of "just keep going".. or whatever he says... 

Praying that this illness leaves my body ASAP before we leave Sunday!!

But don't you worry - I am ready for anything!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Getting ready for Uganda round 2

To say that I am beyond excited to be going back to what I consider my second home would be an understatement. The only difference is that by this time last year I had lists upon lists and I had packed and repacked and organized and reorganized - and this year... I've made a list... Y'all we leave in 9 days!!

Insert: panic mode! I just worked a four day stretch and then spent a wild night on the town with my work friends to celebrate one of our favorite nurses retirement. And by wild night - I sipped and watched everyone else chug... Good times! So here I am - wednesday morning, 2am - being even less productive than I was last week!

Babette - 37 years ago when she graduated nursing school! We had such a good time celebrating her!

Back to packing... The good news is that this year since its not a medical trip - our gift is composition notebooks. So if you were wondering how many composition notebooks it takes to fill a suitcase to the 50lb weight limit - I will let you know! We're also going to bring some crayons and coloring books because last year the kids got so excited when we brought those out! And stickers... They LOVE stickers! 

I mean all I know is that I wish the government had let the hubs keep his original passport photo

How cute is he!? Don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks!?

Last year I found that I way overpacked on the clothes - 5 skirts and I don't even know how many tops and like 4 scrubs. They spoil the Americans and they have staff to wash your clothes every day if you want. So this year I'm going to try to really and organize and think about what we're wearing and pack light... Whatever packing light means. I'm a girl... and I never know what I might feel like wearing. Yes, even in Africa. 

But one thing I do know - is that we have enough fans -

In fact, a whole zoo... We will not be for want of a cool breeze! Meg's already claimed an elephant! Thanks to my in-laws!

In other news - I have lost a toenail... 

 Please be jealous of my photog skills... and my really awesome feet! and our really awesome pink toilet!

I haven't even been running that much so I'm not sure why it decided to come off now... And it's the whole thing too and I wanted to go get my nails did this week. I'm sure the hubs will be super upset that I'm going to have to wait. Also, if you're wondering, I cannot remember the name of the polish but its a new Essie color and it matches my scrubs... I like to keep it fancy.

Okay, most boring post ever... I got nothing else! I'll get back to more WODs and interesting things tomorrow after I've had some real sleep!
 (I've also been working on this post for days... and this was the best it could get...)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Weekly WODs

My weekly WOD post is a little late.. I worked a stretch of 4 nights and I never get much done when that happens! Sorry if I'm getting a little too crossfit for you all BUT that's kind of all that I have going on right now besides work and I can't talk about work because of HIPPA and all that jazz. And no one really wants to hear about my job anyway! I also have some pretty big news that I can't share just yet (no I'm not pregnant... sorry) and I really just want to shout it from the roof top.. so SOON!

While I was slaving away taking care of the babies all weekend I was trying to sneak in some of the crossfit games! My coach Kaleena competed in her first games!! She totally rocked her "rookie" games finishing 19th with three first place finishes... some rookie! She really shows us that if you dream big and work hard you can make anything happen!! I guess that's why the motto at our gym is "Make it happen". We're all so proud of her! And I know her... so that's totally cool! I totally want to go next year to spectate and watch Kaleena kick some booty!

During Naughty Nancy - one of her first place finishes!

While I most definitely did not work as hard as Kaleena did last week - I did get a PR!

Monday 7/22
10 push presses 115/75
10 Kettle bell swings 53/35
10 box jumps 24/20
teams of 2 - AMRAP 30 min

The hubs and I did this WOD together. We finished 18 rounds +17 reps. So I just finished the 10th round to make it even. I liked this WOD, even though it was a bit longer. I'm not the best at box jumps so I like to work on those. Still working on those pull ups!

Tuesday 7/23
Deadlift 3-3-3
deadlifts 225/155
hand stand push ups
9 minute cap

My time 7:13 @ Rx. Well I used two ab mats for the HSPU. I just can't get the kipping ones down so I do strict. But I think I'm doing pretty good with that! My deadlift max was 200lbs! Woop - I've been waiting to hit that 200lb mark! I don't know why I couldn't get more!? I just did 25 @185lbs a couple of weeks ago. And I needed my friend Nikki B. to yell in my face. I won't type what she wrote because it was slightly inappropriate. But gosh darn it I picked up 200lbs!

Wednesday I spent all day at the "beach" before I went to work! I say "beach" because it's a park... and it's on the Long Island Sound and the sand is brown and the water is gross. It's not Florida!! But I got some good sun and spent some time with friends!

Thursday 7/25
"Rubber Duckies"
teams of 2 take turns rowing..
35 min time cap

The hubs rowing away... 

That's a total of 8000m - 4000m a piece! The hubs and I paired up again on this one and finished 34:41. I am glad that crossfit is something the hubs and I can totally do together BUT I mean when he's behind me and I'm completely out of breath and slow down to 2:20 he's like pull faster! Get back down to under 2... I wanted to turn around and be like excuse me!? Um 4000m with breaks in between was exhausting - I totally cannot even imagine doing 21,0197m... Even with my own music!! Probably why I'll never compete in the games... Okay, not just my rowing - my everything is why I'll never compete in the games.

Friday 7/26
Thruster - find one rep max
thrusters 95/65
pull ups

I think I knew the "Fran" workout before I even started crossfit... and it's always terrified me. This is like THE benchmark workout of crossfit. We did Fran backward at Christmas - "Narf" and I think I used like 45lbs and a really thick band for the pull ups and it still took me around 11 minutes to finish. In my defense I had only been doing crossfit for like 4 weeks! BUT this time I did Rx and one skinny band for the pull ups. STILL cannot do a strict pull up but did kipping with the red band. I was told until I can do about 7 kipping unbroken to use a band. I did the first 21 thrusters unbroken and did the pull ups 10-11. The 15 thrusters were unbroken and the pull ups were 5-5-5. The 9 I broke into 5 and 4 for the thrusters and I think the pull ups were 3-3-2-1. Obviously I need to still work on pull ups. I get in my own head and I just. cannot. do. them. Anywho, I finished in 6:50. Not the best, but not the worst. I was okay with this considering my pull ups are terrible. My goal is to finish right at 5 min in six months! oh yeah I also PR'ed on my thruster - 110lbs! 

That's TWO PR's for the week!! 

SaturdayI took off. I slept until like 430pm and then actually showered and used the hair dryer before work. People asked if I was sick... Sometimes I do get a head ache from my hair being up in the same spot so much. It lasted for about and hour before I put it up!! Sunday I woke up and went to spin at my friend's house on their bike like last week because it's in the AC!! I did a lot of random speedwork, increase tension out the saddle... Really whatever I felt like and what I thought went with the music I was listening too! Went for 40min. Monday I did actually wake up to run three miles with the pup. I lolly gagged and snoozed like 5 too many times and didn't wake up until around 4pm so I was running out the door to get in some quick miles before I had to get ready for work again. Every day I tell myself I'm going to wake up at 2pm and get ready and run 4-6miles. And surprise, it. never. happens. If I have to choose getting up to run or sleeping another 2 hours - I am going to choose that extra sleep! Night shift problems... 

I know you're all sitting on the edge of your seats for my "big news" - stick around! I should be able to talk more about it next week!

PS - today I did THREE double unders in a row!! But I totally kind of peed my pants a little bit.. TMI but so true!

Ryan Gosling gets it... 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BIC Band Love

So, I had heard about BIC bands through some of my bigger blogging "friends" - Sarah and Sarah. I had a time finding a head band that doesn't slip off my head during my various activities. I originally wanted some head bands for my trip to Uganda since I wasn't exactly going to be doing my hair... or even washing it that much. Ha. Who am I kidding? I don't do that now and I have unlimited access to hot showers and electricity... Anywho, I was looking for some fun headbands that stayed in place and didn't give me a headache.

Hence a late night $36 order for three headbands. (some of the best $36s that I've ever spent)

I ordered two of the gunmetal glitter bands and one purple glitter. Because purple is my favorite color and the gray because it was "neutral" and I figured it would go with everything. I also don't like to be super flashy and bring a lot of attention to myself in the way that I dress... So I ordered three sparkly headbands? I know, it makes sense to me too...

I was so happy when I got them - just in time for my trip! I think I wore them almost every day...

BIC bands at work in Uganda - keeping dirty hair out of my face since 2012!

My love did not stop once I returned home! 

To say that I wear them more than they were intended to be worn would be an understatement. The secret to them never moving is the velvet underneath. Genius! And they also offer for you to measure your head if you have a larger than normal noggin and don't think the average size would fit you. (my description, not theirs.) I wear them to work, I wear them when I run, I wear them Crossfit.. speaking of cross fit - did anyone see the WOD announcements!?! A 21,097 meter row!? That's a half marathon in rowing people... almost two hours on a rower.. I just can't even fathom.. I hate like 5 min on the rower! Okay.. side note - sorry. So the point to this story is that I was in the process of ordering more head bands for my upcoming trip in a few weeks - and I wanted to check their Facebook page, because again, another really cool thing about these headbands is that the company donates $1 from purchases to a "charity of the month". This month the proceeds are going to Boston Strong. When I ordered last year they were donating to the Wounded Warrior Project. Okay, so while I was perusing their Facebook site - I noticed that they were looking for BIC bands in action - um hello!? Like I said I wear mine all. the. time. I surely have some awesome pictures to send in. So I sent in a couple of crossfit pictures and a couple from Africa, thinking that they probably had a TON of people submit pics and they'll never use mine... well hello, please I got an email from Sandy, the founder saying that they were going to use three of the four that I sent in!!

These were three that I sent in. I do kind of love the first one - that sweet boy stole my heart and I think that you can totally tell - you've probably seen it floating around here a few times! But anywho, how cool is that!? It's kind of a big deal for me!! I totally geeked out and called the hubs at work to share the news! This is like one product that I tell everyone I know to buy!

Soo... what are you waiting for? 

**I was compensated for my photos.  Not my blog post. But all opinions are 100% my own.**

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What is a burpee?

I get this question ALL. THE. TIME. when I'm talking about crossfit.. and I have such a hard time explaining it without actually doing it. But it's not always appropriate to just bust out a burpee... It's not a noise that comes out of your mouth after you've had too much to drink... 

By definition: 

"it refers to an exercise combining a squat with a push-up, two of the most effective body weight movements out there. Pair them together, and you have an overall strength builder guaranteed to leave you out of breath in seconds." - washington post

"The burpee is the ultimate full body exercise...With each repetition, you’ll work your chest, arms, front deltoids, thighs, hamstrings, and abs. Trust me. Your legs will feel like they’re pumping battery acid after you complete a set of burpees... The burpee is a ridiculously simple, full body exercise that will leave you gassed after doing only a few." - art of manliness

And then... some funnies..

And a little "how to"...

  1. Begin in a standing position.
  2. Drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground. (count 1)
  3. Kick your feet back, while simultaneously lowering yourself into the bottom portion of a pushup. Your arms will not be extended. (count 2)
  4. Immediately return your feet to the squat position, while simultaneously pushing "up" with your arms. You will perform a pushup as you return your feet to the squat position (count 3)
  5. Jump up from the squat position and clap overhead. Feet must leave the floor. - wikipedia
Initially I absolutely hated doing burpsees - hated them! But after about eight months I have figured out how to breathe and pace myself during them and I'm not so afraid of them anymore... I actually kind of like them.. a little bit... But don't start spreading that around!